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Do You Smoke or Vape and Live in London?

Daniel Frings

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Would you like to take part in a valuable research study and get paid?

I’m really excited to be leading a research project funded by Cancer Research UK looking at people’s attitudes towards e-cigarettes. If you smoke tobacco or vape e-cigarettes we’d be really keen to hear from you. The study is open to non-smokers too! If you took part in our earlier E-cig research (which is still open by the way) you can still take part in this one…

What’s involved?

All that is required is that participants come into the Psychology Lab (based at my university’s Southwark campus, just by Elephant and Castle) on either two or three occasions to complete some very simple computer-based tasks and fill in a questionnaire.

A £30 cash reward is being given to every participant that completes the study

Interested? Get in touch!

To participate, or ask any questions, please email sastask@lsbu.ac.uk. You can also find out more at the project website here.

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on Psychology It Better. Read the original article.

Daniel Frings is an Associate Professor at London South Bank University. He has published research extensively in various fields including decision making, performance, health and social influence. His particular interest is in social identities and motivational processes. Alongside his academic work, Daniel also curates Psychology It Better, a blog which aims to show how psychology can improve our everyday lives in ways both large and small.



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