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What’s Your Smile Worth?

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No matter how much we strive to look better, there is always something about ourselves that we end up feeling insecure about. If it’s not our hair, it’s our skin. If it’s not our skin, it’s our weight.

We constantly and persistently look for things that we’re unsatisfied about that we’re making it impossible for happiness to slip into our lives. We go on ruthless diets, starving our bodies to a point that we feel too lightheaded to do any real work in the real world. We spend hours on skincare routines that eventually just make things worse by damaging our complexion irreversibly and permanently.

We think we’re helping ourselves get better when in fact we’re only ruining all the beauty that was there before.

I know that developing confidence in yourself is not an easy thing to do. If it was, no person in this world would have to suffer feelings of inadequacy and discontentment. And everyone would end up happy. But that’s just not something we can easily turn into reality, right? Everyday is a constant struggle; we battle our ideals and try to come to terms with what’s real. But even if you’re faced with all these insecurities, I ask that you do one thing and one thing only: Take real good care of your smile.

And I mean that in both a literal and figurative sense. I know that you may not think of your smile too much and you may have mixed feelings about it too. You probably worry about the slight crook you notice in your front teeth. You probably think your pearly whites aren’t that ‘pearly’ as well. Or maybe, you just hate the way you smile overall.

It’s normal for you to be worried about all sorts of things given how people are fast to react in real life and on social media but you have to understand that people’s negativity is brought on by their own insecurities.

You have to stand as the bigger person and understand where all of this hate roots from. Don’t let the judgement of others get to you. Don’t let them bring down the lion inside of you. You are special and you should be the first one to acknowledge that. Your smile is special, and it means so much to other people.

That’s right. We never know what other people are going through – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The least we can do is to drop the negativity and simply be kind. Let me tell you something: It costs zero dollars to show kindness to people and it’s not going to make you any less of a human. In fact, it just proves your humanity all the more.

Flashing that imperfectly perfect smile across someone you just met down the street may just turn their bad day upside down. Don’t be selfish with that smile. You can share it to the world and still have enough positivity for yourself. It practically never runs out.

Also, there are many ways you can improve that already dashing smile of yours. I’m talking about paying more attention to your dental care like seeking professional help from clinics like Bluedot Dental in Gilbert, AZ. Some people forego any activity or task related to dental health, but I say that you should pay closer attention to it.

Your smile is worth millions and it can bring joy to other people. Plus, you only get one set of adult teeth (after your milk teeth have all fallen off) so make sure that you hang on to them for as long as you could.

Guard your smile and let it be an instrument of happiness for others. Oh, and did I mention that smiling makes you look several times more attractive? If you think that’s an exaggeration, then ask the people around you. No amount of makeup or plastic surgery can rival the charms of a perfectly genuine smile. Invest in your dental care and make that smile shine even brighter. Contact a professional today and see dazzling results tomorrow.

Peter Wallace has been an advocate for mental health awareness for years. He holds a master’s degree in counselling from the University of Sheffield. 

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