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6 Important Things You Need to Know if Doing a Smile Makeover Now

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The primary objective of undergoing a smile makeover is for cosmetics purposes. This surgical procedure is for those with healthy but unbalanced and gapped teeth. The idea behind a smile makeover is to correct tooth imperfection and to enhance your overall facial appearance. 

In addition, a smile makeover, if done correctly, will boost your self-confidence and allow you to show off your teeth more often. However, a smile makeover requires a high level of expertise in modern dentistry to carry out the procedure. So, if you plan to undergo a smile makeover to correct your teeth imbalance and enhance your facial look, here are some vital things you need to know. 

Find out enough information about your cosmetic dentist

A smile makeover is not a procedure that anyone can handle just because the person is a dentist. Therefore, to ensure you achieve your aesthetic goal, it is advisable you find a dentist with experience in the area of modern cosmetic dentistry. Preferably, ensure the dentist you plan to work with is a registered member of a professional body like the Australian Dental Association. In addition, you can get more information on your dentist through their website. Their website will contain details on their academic background, reviews from previous patients, and you also get to know if the dentist focuses on cosmetic surgery.

Make room for communication with your dentist

After choosing your dentist, the second step to take is to communicate effectively with your dentist. As a patient, you have a picture of what you want, likewise the dentist as well. To make the communication process easy on both sides, look through different photos from the dentist’s portfolio and analyze them carefully to pick the traits you like and those you dislike. This will provide the dentist the needed information on your smile makeover preference and specific smile goals you aim to achieve. 

For the dentist to meet your expectations, you must find a way to communicate your desires.

Make provision for a frequent visit to your dentist

Some smile makeover procedures may require you to visit your dentist clinic more than once before the final result can be achieved. So, before the procedure starts, ensure you ask your dentist for the full details of what the procedure for your case entails. 

Smile makeover using porcelain veneers can enhance your facial look

Naturally, as you grow older, your teeth begin to change from their natural white color to yellow, then get shorter and flat. However, with Melbourne porcelain veneers, such a situation can be reversed completely. Changes to the teeth (colour, shape, position) can make you look younger and boost your level of self-confidence. 

Ask for samples of previous procedures

As stated earlier, smile makeover surgical procedure requires a high level of professionalism. So, before the process begins, ask to see samples of previously completed smile makeovers done by the dentist. When you have insight into the dentist’s portfolios, you can easily explore the diversity they have created in their previous jobs. 

Now, if in the process of looking through the dentist portfolio, you discover a smile you don’t like, don’t generalize. Instead, ask for more information about it. For example, you could request an unnatural look, and the dentist is duty-bound to respect the patient’s decision. 

Maintenance is required

After you have successfully undergone a smile makeover procedure, and you have your new beautiful smile, then you must ensure you don’t compromise with the maintenance steps required to keep it in good shape. Maintenance is necessary for all forms of a smile makeover, including dental implants, porcelain veneers, and Invisalign. For instance, if your smile makeover is porcelain veneers, you must know porcelain is fragile, and if not properly maintained, it can break. 

Once the surgical procedure is completed and certified successful, your dentist will provide you with step-by-step instructions on all you need to maintain your new look. To ensure you get the best out of a smile makeover, keeping to all the instructions provided by your dentist is essential. Maintaining the instructions from your dentist will keep you looking gracious for years to come.

A smile makeover is available in different categories, such as porcelain veneers, dental implants, and Invisalign. So, before choosing any procedures, you should inquire from your dentist to know the best smile makeover procedure for your situation. 

Also, make sure you know what you plan to achieve and communicate it to your dentist in a precise term before starting the process.

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