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Smarter Not Harder Launches New SmartFuture Training Programme

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New courses take SNH’s time management and productivity philosophy beyond the workplace, helping people optimise the time they have saved to live even more rewarding and fulfilling lives.

Smarter Not Harder (SNH), the UK’s leading provider of time management and productivity training courses, is launching SmartFuture – a new programme designed to bring a greater sense of fulfilment and well-being to people both in their work and personal lives.

SNH founders, Simon Goodison and Neil Massa and their team of coaches, have successfully developed thousands of people from organisations of all sizes all over the world since their launch in 2005. With the first part of the jigsaw achieved – giving people more time on their hands – they are now turning their attention to the second: Helping people to use the time they have saved even more constructively to give them a greater sense of purpose and direction.

On 4th December, at the Future Laboratory in Shoreditch, Simon and Neil will formally launch the SmartFuture programme to an audience of colleagues, clients and media. With the new courses running from the beginning of 2020, individuals, as well as organisations, will have the opportunity to gain a new perspective on their future health, well-being, and fulfilment. 

For most of us, motivation waxes and wanes. People can find themselves treading water or drifting from highs to lows, often feeling detached from what’s really important to them. The SmartFuture programme helps to level things out by connecting people more clearly to their goals – and by making those goals more meaningful and achievable.

“The biggest problem with goal-setting is that people can have great intentions, but they are often over-ambitious,” said SNH founder and director Neil Massa. “Think of your typical New Year’s resolution: The gym membership. The reason it fails is not usually a financial consideration – people can typically afford it – but you need time and effort to make it work. And people frequently struggle to sustain those things in the long term.”

The SmartFuture course takes a holistic approach to your life and employs success-based goal-setting to channel your motivation in the right direction. As with all SNH training programmes, it is about simplicity rather than effort – and about making goal-setting an easy habit and fun rather than a daunting chore. 

The SmartFuture courses ask delegates to consider the following idea:

  • How do you want your life to be in the future, what would you like to achieve and what sort of person do you want to be?
  • SmartFuture explores the underlying assumptions we make about our ‘ideal’ future in terms of our health, the time at our disposal, our financial situation, what we need to learn, and the relationships we want to develop.
  • The course then helps people to focus on what they are doing today to create the life they want in the future.
  • The costs of your good habits are in the present.
  • The costs of your bad habits are in the future.

“On the face of it, SmartFuture could be seen as predominantly aimed at the individual,” said Neil’s co-founder Simon Goodison. “But we’ve already seen employers benefit massively because having a well-motivated, focused, and fulfilled workforce can deliver significant benefits to an organisation and its success. For organisations where employee engagement and well-being are at the heart of their strategy, SmartFuture is perfect.”

“As with most of what we’ve done in the past, our SmartFuture philosophy rather flies in the face of training and development convention,” Neil added. “At SNH, we are obsessed with doing less to achieve more. We don’t ask you to delve too deeply into your psyche and we don’t ask you to write exhaustive plans. Instead, our aim is to make being successful and achieving what you want easier more fun, and a lot more likely. We’ve spent 14 years giving people the precious gift of time, now we want you to go and make the very most of it.”

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