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Smart Tips to Pass SHL Tests

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Productivity stems from having access to the proper resources. And if you’re planning to land the perfect job for you (or if you’re hoping to get that promotion that you deserve), chances are, you’re bound to take an SHL test.

SHL tests are psychometric tests used to gauge an individual’s fit for a certain position in a company. These tests are used to find out a person’s specific skill set. The scores from these tests can determine if that individual will address and fulfil the needs of a certain job.

It may be intimidating, but having the right mindset can help you pass an SHL test. Here are some quick and easy steps to prepare for these essentials tests:

Practise does it best

What makes SHL tests different from other aptitude measurements is their abstract nature. Offering a mix of metrics, these tests are formulated to check how a person analyzes concepts. Practice SHL tests are available online for you to get a good grasp on how these tests are done. Checking how these tests are done online will give you a good grasp of what to expect when you will actually take one.

Map a timeline

Planning ahead involves plotting a timeframe. This works both for the actual preparation and taking an SHL test. During the preparation stage, list down concepts that may be tackled during a test. From there, you can set aside time on researching those topics. Searching for an SHL test guide online can give you a good idea of the categories that you need to learn. 

During the actual testing stage, a mental timeline will help you find out just how much time you’d need to answer categories. This way, you will be able to properly manage your time in solving SHL test questions.

Tackle different ways of reasoning

Given the abstract nature, you may find that you will only excel in some parts of an SHL test. Prepare for the unexpected by considering other ways to reason concepts. You can prepare for numerical reasoning tests by understanding different math concepts, such as conversion and data interpretation. Mechanical reasoning can be tackled head-on by researching logical concepts on how a certain system works.

No matter what the SHL test may be, researching and understanding the basics of several logical reasoning can not only help you be ready for whatever may be given to you. Understanding different concepts will also boost your confidence, a must when taking these aptitude tests.

Determine strengths and weaknesses

After plotting a timeline and finding out different logical approaches, determine next your trouble areas and strengths. Doing so will allow you to focus on what needs to be improved. 

For example, scoring low on a practice SHL test verbal reasoning means you’ll need more time to brush up on grammar rules. Mistakes are opportunities to grow. Improving on these will help you tackle similar concepts once you’re actually taking an SHL assessment.

It will not hurt to ask

Aside from checking for SHL test guides and video resources online, try to seek help from other individuals as well. Other testers may have a good approach how to tackle concepts you are unfamiliar with. Even asking for guidance from a company’s administration or human resources department may prove to be worthwhile. 

The bottom line is, part of preparing for an SHL test is to check for all sorts of resources. And asking others is another form of information resource that you should take advantage of.

Get enough rest

The right way to tackle a test involves being mentally and physically sound. It wouldn’t matter if you are already familiar with the possible concepts that will be tackled if you do not have the endurance to take a test. Always make sure to get the right amount of rest before taking a test.

These smart tips will help you make the most out of your time in preparing and taking an SHL test. I hope you ace the test and land the job that you want.

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