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Sleeping with a Snorer? Here Are 6 Things You Can Do

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Ever find yourself sleeping next to someone who snores? It’s annoying, right? There are actually some things you can do to help them stop snoring. For example, try propping their head up with a pillow or placing an object under their nostrils. Check out this blog post for more tips on how to sleep well without being disturbed by your partner’s snoring.

Try to sleep in a different room

The first thing is to try and sleep in a different room if possible. If you have to share a bed with them, try not to get too close and lean on the other side of the mattress when you’re going off to dreamland. If you don’t have an idea how to stop snoring, you can try to use earplugs or put your head under the pillow, but this might make it harder for them to snore since they need air. This could potentially solve the problem, at least temporarily. 

Try sleeping with your head elevated

Another way of how to stop snoring is by trying to sleep with your head elevated. If it’s not too uncomfortable, put a pillow under their neck so their mouth and throat will be open more than usual which means they’ll breathe better, thus preventing the air from getting stuck inside them when they’re about to exhale or inhale. 

The soft tissues at the back of their throat should flutter as opposed to vibrating against each other during breathing if this method works out for them. Sleeping propped up might help reduce snoring because there is less pressure on the lower jawbone where it could possibly obstruct airflow through the windpipe; leading to snoring and even sleep apnoea. 

The good thing is that your partner’s snoring will be reduced this way, but if it doesn’t work out for them or causes pain in the long run, you should consider other options like mouthpieces.

Do nothing but good things for them

The next thing you should do is to try to be patient with your partner because it’s just something they have no control over! Try doing special things for them like cooking their favourite food or giving them back massages after work before bedtime so that they feel loved even if you’re sleeping nearby. You could also buy an anti-snoring device that might help stop their snores during the night without having any negative effects on their health.

Invest in an air filter or humidifier

Also, if the noise is too much for you to handle, you can always invest in an air filter or humidifier that will help reduce their snores with white noise. You could also try buying them a sound machine that plays nature sounds like crashing waves or jungle noises which are said to be soothing and relaxing – even better than listening to your partner’s snoring every night. 

The idea here is that there will be background noise so it’ll cover up any loud sleeping breathing they might have while asleep. The best thing about using this method is not having to deal with sleep deprivation because of constant disturbance from your loved one’s noisy breathing at night time.

Talk to your partner about snoring solutions like nasal strips, surgery, or CPAP machines 

There are also CPAP machines that will keep their airways open during sleep so they won’t have a hard time breathing and thus avoid keeping their mouth closed while sleeping as well as stop any snores that might wake you up at night too. Also, ask your partner about the different snoring solutions they’ve tried before like using nasal strips to widen their nostrils, undergoing surgery because of a deviated septum or simply losing weight if excess pounds are causing them to breathe loudly during sleep.

If you’re sleeping in another room because you can’t handle their loud breathing at night time and it’s also affecting their health without any positive results from anti-snoring mouthpieces, CPAP machines might be a better choice for both of you since it will not only make him or her feel comfortable while asleep but also keep your relationship going strong.

Be patient and caring

The last thing you should do is to try being as patient with your partner no matter how difficult it might be for both of you when they snore loudly every night. Try not reacting in a bad way even if their loud breathing bothers you so much because this will only cause more tension in the relationship – which isn’t what either one of you wants. It’s best that you let them know instead about the solution that works out the most for them without pushing too hard or hurting their feelings along the way.

If your partner snores, you’ve probably tried all the above. But if they are not open to trying anything else or have a medical condition preventing them from doing so, try being patient and caring towards their needs. Many people who suffer from sleep apnoea also experience depression because of the lack of sleep that comes with it. We hope that you found these tips useful. We also hope that they help your partner get the sleep they need to live a long and happy life with you.

Adam Mulligan did his degree in psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. He is interested in mental health and well-being.

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