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Here’s What Your Sleep Pattern Says About You

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There are numerous ways that everyone likes to sleep. Some people like to stay awake for the whole day so that when it comes to night-time they can get their sleep then. Others like to have a little sleep in the afternoon so they can get through the day. Then there are the ways in which we sleep.

Do you like to curl up into a ball while you sleep, or are you like my son and are spread out like an octopus with your arms and legs spread out all over the place? The truth is that everyone is different, and we all have different ways in which we sleep.

Now as most of us know, sleep is incredibly important to us, not only because we need it to function at our best throughout the day but also because when we sleep that is the time that our bodies recharge and heal themselves. On average a good night sleep will be around 8 hours a night. For some, for whatever reason, you simply cannot get that much.

So try your best to get yourself into a daily routine to give you the best chance, also make sure you have a nice mattress for you to sleep on too, like the ones that can be found at Sleepify and sheets that are breathable and suit your bed and mattress, whether it’s a tempurpedic bed or something more simple. Also, try to limit the amount of food and drink you have before bed as that can affect your ability to get to sleep. So now we move to the types of sleepers that people are.

An early bird

This one is me all over. You get out of bed early in the morning and are ready to tackle the day head-on from the minute you get up. Because you get up early, you usually go to bed at night early too. You are most likely to be at your best, production-wise in the morning and will slowly fade as the day goes on because you have been awake since the early hours.

Afternoon sleeper

Most people that nap in the afternoon usually do this so they can recharge their batteries to be more productive in the later hours of the day. In some instances, workplaces will have a time set aside each day for their employees to take a quick nap and then get back to work.

Night person

As there are people who feel like they are more productive in the mornings, there are people who are more productive at night-time. For whatever reason, they just find it easier to function at night. Perhaps because it is quieter at night or there are fewer distractions, but it just works for them.

Sleeping on the weekend

If you work hard and work long hours during the week or you are studying full time, then you will most likely have limited sleep during the week. Therefore, on the weekend’s some use it to catch up on all the sleep that they miss out on during the week.

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According to the American Heart Association: ‘Changing up your sleep routine on the weekends could negatively affect circadian rhythms over time as well as other factors affecting your wellbeing and longevity.’

The position you sleep in

According to research, the position that you sleep in can tell you a lot about the personality of you. If you sleep like a baby does, all curled up, it can be said that you have a tough exterior, but you are a quiet person inside. Then if you like to sleep on your side with your arms up, then that can indicate that you are an open and confident person. Then there are people who like to sleep on their backs. They are people that hold themselves to a high standard and they like to have a plan in place for their daily work.

The next position is when you lay on your stomach and like to have your hands above your shoulders. According to research, it means that you like to go and socialise, and you are considered an easy-going person. The last position is where you like to be stretched out in the bed and have your arms and legs everywhere. That means that you value your relationships with people, and you regard loyalty as the biggest thing in your life.

So, there are just a few positions and what they can tell you about your personality. Now some people will believe it and others will not, but ultimately it will not matter if you do not get enough sleep, so do your best to get the right amount that you need so you and your body can stay healthy. Sleep patterns can be changed from time to time, many variables can affect it. Activities during day and night, working schedule, the body clock, and some can be medical causes like allergies and difficulty in breathing. If you’re having difficulty in breathing visit CPAP Direct to learn more.

Tommy Williamson did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being.

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