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Sleep Expert Reveals the Exact Date to Ditch the Summer Duvet

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7th October is the exact day you should swap out your summer duvet tog for the most comfortable sleep. That is the advice from sleep specialist James Higgins, CEO of Ethical Bedding, the UK’s only Bcorp-accredited sustainable bedding company, who has revealed the perfect night to change your duvet for the colder nights.

According to statistical data on the average daily temperatures from September to October over the last eight years in the UK, there is a 21% drop in temperature when moving into the month of October.

James said: “When we looked into the data, there were a few factors that made it visibly clear when could be a good time to look at switching out your duvet tog from a summer thickness of 4.5–7 togs to a winter thickness of around 10.5–15 togs.

“Firstly, monitoring trends of temperatures at midnight in autumn for the last two years, we observed a significant temperature drop happening in the second week of October. In 2021 the temperature decreased by 27%, while in 2022, we experienced an astonishing 45% drop in temperature.

“Furthermore, examining the daily breakdown of October 2021 and 2022, 9th October was the first date in the month that had consistently recurring low temperatures under 10 degrees Celsius in the days that followed.

“Based on these figures and historical weather patterns, we advise people to swap their bedding on the second weekend of the month, Saturday, 7th October.”

Ethical Bedding is the UK’s first BCorp-accredited sustainable bedding company. Their products are made with renewable eucalyptus and bamboo wood in a closed-loop process, which reduces water in production by 90% while offering the highest quality standard for a luxury finish and a good night’s rest. 

James continued: “When winter rolls around, you might want a quilt that more effectively traps your body heat to keep you warmer. Otherwise, you run the risk of suffering from shivering and broken sleep. Moreover, the psychological aspect of feeling snug and warm in bed can positively affect your mood and overall sleep experience.

“Consider a quilt at the very warm end of the scale. A thick duvet with a 13.5+ tog will offer ultimate heat retention during long, chilly nights. If you prefer to keep things a little lighter, a winter duvet that’s 10.5 tog should also keep you comfortable.

“When choosing between different duvet types, never settle for second best, in terms of comfort and quality. With a tog rating of 7.0, our unique bamboo quilt is the ideal all-season solution, offering sufficient warmth in the winter and breathability during the hot summer months – but if you want to up the cosiness, you can always add another layer.”

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