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Skipping Breakfast Is Linked to a Higher Risk of Depression

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Whether you opt for the first sip of a latte or a bite of a croissant, breakfast has always been touted as the most important meal of the day. A 2019 study published in the journal Psychological Medicine goes a step further, suggesting that skipping breakfast could make individuals more susceptible to mood disorders like depression. Meanwhile, the UK’s best cities for brunch have also been revealed, underscoring the nation’s love for the morning meal.

According to new research, there’s now scientific evidence to back the popular adage that breakfast is essential for a good start to the day. The study highlighted that people who frequently skip breakfast are more likely to experience mood disorders, particularly depression. While the cause-and-effect relationship still needs further exploration, the findings offer valuable insights into how dietary choices can affect mental health.

As the importance of breakfast comes into sharper focus, it’s evident that Britons are not taking this meal lightly. Hashtags related to brunch have gained over 8 billion views on TikTok, indicating a rising trend. There’s also been a 132% increase in people searching online for the “best breakfast or brunch places near me”. It seems the nation is keen on making the first meal of the day a memorable one, whether they’re at home or travelling.

Online travel agent loveholidays has released data revealing the best cities in the UK for brunch aficionados. London topped the list, boasting 4,002 breakfast cafes, 248 bakeries, and 1,090 coffee shops. Edinburgh and Manchester follow closely, offering an array of sumptuous breakfast and brunch spots.

Al Murray, Chief Marketing Officer at loveholidays, commented on the research: “Whether you’re more of a pastry and a coffee kind of person or you’re after a full plate of pancakes – starting the day off with a delicious breakfast and coffee is key for any foodie on holiday.”

The study from loveholidays used several metrics, including the number of bakeries, breakfast restaurants, and coffee shops, as well as social media posts, to determine the best cities for breakfast lovers. Aside from the top three – London, Edinburgh, and Manchester – other cities like York, Salford, and Newcastle upon Tyne also ranked high on the list.

For those contemplating their next city break in the UK, these findings offer a gastronomic guide to where you can have the best start to your day. And considering the emerging link between breakfast and mental health, you might be doing more than just satisfying your taste buds – you could be boosting your emotional well-being as well.

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