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Skincare Expert Warns Do Not Store PJs on Your Bed

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Did you know where you kept last night’s pyjamas could impact your health? Happy Beds has uncovered that we sweat the same amount as a large McDonald’s coke at night and that most of us wear our pyjamas for a whole week. 

With that in mind, Happy Beds enlisted the help of skincare expert Bella von Nesselrode, MCMA (Member of the Complementary Medical Association) and founder of Children of Earth Skincare, to reveal the risks of stuffing your sweaty, worn PJs in the bed. 

Here are four ways leaving last night’s PJs on your bed can impact your health:

1. You could be sleeping with thousands of germs, bacteria and dead skin if you change your PJs once a week

Previous reports have highlighted that people change their PJs once a week, meaning the average person could be snuggling up with thousands of germs and bacteria every night. Here’s the kicker: Research has shown that repair of our skin cells peaks at night. And where do the microorganisms end up? Of course, within our sheets.

2. You can be exposed to conjunctivitis when keeping pyjamas near your pillow

Keeping your pyjamas close to your pillow could increase the risk of unpleasant eye infections, such as conjunctivitis. Our skin hosts a variety of bacteria, which is harmless on the skin, but once these germs from our skin transfer to our PJs and then our pillows, they could end up in places where they shouldn’t – like in our eyes. Leading to conjunctivitis, keratitis, or cellulitis. 

3. People risk skin infections through improper pyjama storage

Many people carry staph, E. coli, and sometimes MRSA, which are mostly harmless, but they can spell trouble if they find their way into the wrong places, like any cuts you may have. If you’re wearing PJs for an extended period of time, and then placing PJs on bedding, you’re increasing the risk of the bacteria getting into unwanted places and causing skin infections. 

4. Sweaty PJs can aggravate acne

Wearing the same pyjamas for a whole week? That could mean up to 3.5 litres of sweat lingering on your PJs – enough to fill an average-sized slow cooker! Bella, MCMA (Member of the Complementary Medical Association) and Founder of Children of Earth Skincare, said: “A buildup from sweat, dirt, oil, and bacteria can cause a localised breakout from clogged pores, where bacteria from pyjamas or the previous night’s sleep can affect the skin due to the pressure of the face on the pillow, (commonly referred to as acne mechanica).

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