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Sinus Treatments: How a Sinus Specialist Can Help with Chronic Sinusitis

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Sinus infections can range from acute to recurrent and chronic. If acute sinusitis improves with time, chronic infection lingers around and continues to debilitate your quality of life, tremendously affecting your physical and emotional health. It all starts with inflammation in the nasal cavity or sinus lining due to allergy, environmental irritants, or respiratory infections, but worsens with mucus buildup that fosters germs. Most sinusitis is viral, but a few cases can also occur due to bacterial growth. Chronic sinusitis can affect people with weak immunity or who are facing recurrent acute sinus infections. Some patients fall prey to this disorder because of anatomical defects, such as nasal polyps, deviated septum, etc. These structural problems don’t improve on their own. They also need surgical intervention.

Fortunately, a sinus specialist can offer a range of treatments for your sinusitis, including over-the-counter and prescription medicines such as nasal irrigations, decongestants, and antibiotics. They may also recommend rest. Surgery may be the next step if these measures don’t help. Rest assured, suitable sinus surgery will only be advised after a thorough examination and consideration of your health. Check https://earnosethroat.com.sg/sinus-surgeon-sinusitis-treatment-surgery-specialist to learn about the comprehensive approach. Before that, let’s explore the popular surgical options for chronic sinusitis.

Balloon sinuplasty

This surgery helps expand a blocked sinus, allowing trapped mucus or fluid to drain smoothly. A surgeon needs a light-equipped flexible endoscope to insert it into the nostrils to reach the sinus opening. When the device reaches the correct spot, they carefully position their catheter with a tiny balloon and inflate it. Due to this, the sinus opening becomes more expansive, and drainage happens, clearing the blockage. You may have to take general anaesthesia to undergo this hour-long, low-impact surgery. Some patients may be recommended image-guided or endoscopic surgery based on their response to it.

Image-guided surgery

It is touted to be a safer and more comprehensive surgical treatment for chronic sinusitis. ENT specialists display your CT scan on an HD monitor or computer to view the problem. Then, they insert an endoscope and micro instruments linked to the same computer. The continuously updated information about the location of their device and the core issue allows them to do their job safely and successfully. This surgery may take two hours to complete.

Endoscopic sinus surgery

A thin endoscope is inserted for examination without any incisions. The endoscope can be fitted with a light and camera, and surgeons can refer to CT scan images for guidance. They can use small instruments to eliminate polyps or excess tissue growth and repair the deviated septum. If the source of your chronic pain is the enlarged bony structure in the nasal passages, they can decrease their size to help you breathe effortlessly. It can also take two hours, but you can go home the same day. In this case, the risk of bruising or swelling is low or non-existent.

These are three popular options for chronic sinusitis. However, there are many more methods that an ENT specialist can choose to alleviate or eliminate your sinusitis symptoms. A trusted ENT clinic will have the best ENT doctors for diagnosis and treatment. There are numerous reputable ENT clinics in Singapore. Hence, choosing a nearby option that suits your health needs can be easy.

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