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Here Are 5 Simple Ways to Stay Well This Festival Season

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Health and well-being expert Dr Elisabeth Philipps shares her top tips to help you get the most out of festival season and stop it from getting the best of you. 

Avoiding energy drinks, increasing your water intake, and taking afternoon naps are all advised for self-care this summer. 

With the return of Glastonbury, the festival season is well and truly back in full swing. Health and wellness brand fourfive has sourced top tips to keep your body feeling its best under the summer sun from their expert nutritionist and neuroscientist, Dr Elisabeth Philipps. 

Afternoon naps

Don’t be tempted to go hard all weekend; use the quiet afternoons to rest and recuperate in time for the headline acts. Resting time can be more effective than sleep in many cases, so it’s vital to take some time out to avoid burnout

Avoid too much caffeine

Energy drinks are not your best friend this festival season. Overindulging in caffeine can increase anxiety levels and overstimulate your body, keeping your body on high alert for longer than necessary. Multivitamins are a much better option than energy drinks for natural energy support.

Keep up your water intake

Hydration is extremely important, especially when you’re on the go all day. While you might be trying to avoid the portaloos, dehydration may leave you with low energy and headaches that will ruin all the fun. Make sure you match every alcoholic drink with a bottle of water and keep those hydration levels up.

Try out the healthy food stalls

Scour out healthy food stalls that offer gut-supporting foods like salad and falafel, or even take your travel-friendly snacks like nuts, whole-grain bars and dried fruit. This will help keep your energy levels high, and your unwanted loo stops to a minimum. 

Treat aching muscles with CBD

Sleeping in a tent, dancing all weekend and walking miles for the loo is likely to have an effect on your muscles. Treating them with CBD topicals, like muscle rubs and joint gels, will help keep your body fitter for longer. 

Expert nutritionist and clinical neuroscientist Dr Elisabeth Philipps says: ‘Forget all-nighters and hangovers; it’s no longer cool to be burned out, overtired and running on fumes. You should enjoy yourself this festival season, and there’s no better way to do that than by ensuring you’re on top form and ready to party while also refraining from being burnt out and drained.’

‘These tips can help you be your best self during and after a festival. You’ll thank yourself later!’

More in-depth tips and advice are available on the fourfive. 

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