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Simple Strategies to Survive and Thrive

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Self-doubt can creep in at any time in life, and in the midst of great stress or grief, our guards can drop even further, making us susceptible to crises of confidence and feelings of inadequacy in all spheres of our lives. 

Making the best of hard times is a subject best-selling author and renowned psychotherapist Gael Lindenfield knows only too well, having overcome a great deal of adversity herself including a turbulent childhood spent in children’s homes, severe depression, a traumatic divorce and worst of all losing her daughter. 

In How to Feel Good in Difficult Times, which is out on Thursday 5th March, readers will learn to work through negative feelings, reclaim their sense of self-worth and bounce back feeling stronger and even more confident than before. Set out in practical chapters, the book allows one to identify the root cause of their feelings of self-doubt and offers pragmatic, easily implementable solutions. 

Throughout the book, Gael explores our knee-jerk response to punish and retreat into ourselves in times of crises, whether that manifests itself through dietary choices, insomnia and sleep-related issues or more problematic self-destructive behaviour and equips readers with key tools allowing them to step back and take stock of these behaviours before they embed themselves. 

Gael founded Leeds Mind and set up the daycare and counselling Services. Her method works; they’re grounded in 30 years of tried-and-tested strategies, that have brought success and more happiness to people from all walks of life. Below are a series of themes the book covers.

  • Flexing your change muscles so you’re able to cope with unexpected setbacks. 
  • Separating feelings and finances and creating three different budgets including a survival budget. 
  • Getting a handle on your negative hard drive such as catastrophising so you don’t fall back on default settings.
  • Using imaginary aspirational mentors who’ve gone through similar life trials to motivate you. 
  • Employing the 16 types of friends for support from the cheerful chatterers to the inspirational survivors and protecting yourself from the critics and saboteurs. 

Whatever the cause of your self-doubt and unhappiness – personal, work-related, or a combination of the two – this book gives you all the tools you need to conquer the overwhelm, dust yourself off and regain positivity, whatever life throws at you.

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