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A Silent Issue: 33% of Men Would Not Feel Comfortable Talking to a Medical Professional About Erectile Dysfunction

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A new study has found 33% of men wouldn’t feel comfortable speaking to a doctor or a GP about erectile dysfunction.

87% of men confessed they would be embarrassed to admit to family members that they were experiencing symptoms. But worryingly, nearly all the men surveyed said erectile dysfunction would impact their confidence.

According to a new survey of 1,005 UK men carried out by the online clinic UK Meds, 51% of men aged 30–39, comprised entirely of Millennials, suffer from erectile dysfunction themselves or report knowing someone who is. 

Older Millennials and younger Generation Xers, aged 40–49 years old, were the second most likely to report suffering from the condition or knowing someone who is.

Scientific studies have also shown one in two men will experience some form of erectile dysfunction in their lifetimes, and by 2025 the worldwide prevalence of erectile dysfunction is expected to increase to 322 million men.

Despite this, the data shows a huge stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the condition. 

48% of Brits would feel embarrassed speaking about it publicly, with only 16% of men saying they would feel comfortable talking to their friends about the condition.

Surprisingly, half of the men surveyed were unaware of the causes, including smoking, blood pressure and obesity, and several other issues. Moreover, 71% were unaware that the first sign of longer-term health issues is a lack of morning erection. 

Hannah Broom, spokesperson for UK Meds, commented: “This research shows that experiencing erectile dysfunction is hugely common but can have a massive impact on a man’s confidence and mental health. Despite this, it’s a subject most men are reluctant to discuss with the people around them – a concerning combination.

“We want to ensure that more people know the condition and its causes. We also want to encourage more men to speak up about it, especially to their loved ones, and seek help and advice when needed.”

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