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5 Signs Your Relationship With Your Significant Other Is Going Downhill

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You’ve seen those situations all too frequently, both in movies or in real life. There’s that couple who has an obvious lack of affection towards each other even when they’re just at home. Or, there’s those that don’t seem to talk with each other while on a fancy dinner date. Perhaps there’s that couple whom you know to be fighting too frequently, even over the smallest things.

It may not have been you in the past, but now, you could be asking yourself whether or not your relationship is starting to take that route too. Some relationships last long and work well, while there are those that are just meant to end.

Of course, there are so many reasons why couples choose to go separate ways, and that often begins with the telling signs that your relationship is starting to go downhill. While there are quite a lot of signs, too, here you’ll come across some of those deal-breakers that almost always lead to the end, if not saved through your efforts and through professional help like couples counselling.

You two constantly fight

When you’ve gotten too comfortable with each other and you’ve let the relationship run its course, it can be more challenging for partners to actually find that common ground. That sense of connection that was once present may now be falling apart. You start to get irked out with even the smallest things your partner fails to do. 

If your fights have gotten more constant and frequent, that’s one telling sign that your relationship may be going downhill. The motivation to keep the peace that may have once been there is now long gone. 

Apart from the constant fighting, it may be getting more heated as well. This will only make your relationship toxic to your mental and emotional health.

Your relationship’s lacking intimacy

The lack of intimacy in a relationship is another compelling sign that the relationship may soon be over. You no longer like having sex or being intimate with your partner, or even the idea of it may be grossing you out.

Without intimacy and affection, you lose that glue that binds the two of you together. Rather than being in a romantic relationship, the two of you have downgraded. 

You two no longer communicate well

Even if you may be physically apart from each other, that distance should no longer be a barrier to communication. There are so many communication apps and software you can use which allow you both to talk real time.

For couples who are physically in one geographical location, all the more that good communication should be there. It’s the foundation of every good and lasting relationship. After all, it’s only through good communication that you can address and resolve fights, make decisions, and keep getting to know more about each other.

Good communication won’t be easy at first. That’s expected, as you’ll have to find those best ways to communicate with your partner. Over time, nonetheless, you’ll learn, and good communication should already be central in your relationship.

Once good communication is lost, it’s another compelling sign that your relationship may be on the rocks. Fights begin when issues are unresolved, or worse, you’d go on for days without speaking to each other.

The terms of endearment you both have for each other are now rarely used

Every couple also has their own terms of endearment. Some of the most used include ‘honey’, ‘babe’, ‘sweetie’, or ‘dear’. When love fades, those sweet terms are now reverted to just your first name. If you’re married, you can’t even be confident about calling your spouse ‘my wife’ or ‘my husband’ in front of others. 

The way you address your partner and talk about them to others also speaks so much about the state and condition of your relationship.

You’ve become too apathetic to fight

Fighting constantly isn’t a good sign for your relationship. Opposite of that also is when you’ve become too apathetic to even argue. This means you’re already tired of the frequent fights that now you’ve developed a sense of immunity to it. You don’t like to fight and argue anymore, and you’d rather just be apathetic about it.

This isn’t a good sign for your relationship. It simply means you no longer consider your relationship as something that’s still worth fighting for.


Perhaps for many days now you’ve been thinking that your relationship is on the brink, but you only needed more convincing. If you’re going through the signs above, then you have to accept it as a reality. Your relationship may no longer be working as well as you hoped it would. Not all relationships last, and if yours is starting to go downhill, that’s a sign to move on. There’s always room for new beginnings, beginning with coming to terms with the reality of your relationship’s condition (Additional Read: 20 Signs He Doesn’t Want a Relationship with You).

Dennis Relojo-Howell is the managing director of Psychreg.


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