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4 Telltale Signs that Your Psychic Reader May Be Fake

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Rarely will someone go looking for a psychic for the sheer fun of it. There are several reasons why you would be calling a psychic or searching online for a reliable psychic. It could be a rocky relationship, an unsatisfying job, finding closure after the death of a loved one, or seeking guidance for your life’s destiny. Whatever your reasons may be, do your research first to ensure that you find the best there is as you do not want someone overshadowing your future with myths. However, not every psychic reader is genuine, and you may fall into the trap of scammers. To be safe, here are four telltale signs that can help you know if a reader is fake.

Impractical promises

The work of a reader is to guide you on the right path as you make decisions on the next step. A psychic is not all-knowing or the ultimate solution provider to all your problems. Therefore, if one promises to answer all your questions and offer you a specific solution, that is a red flag.

If you are searching for your true love and a medium tells you the name of the person who will be your soul mate and where to find them, then know it is a scam. There is no real psychic reading that will offer you all the answers you are looking for, even though they do an amazing job of making your decision process easier. As such, be mindful of any reader who promises you miracles after a reading session.

Fake psychics can cause you more pain than you already had because they give you misleading information, leaving you confused. However, the good thing is that you can still find a genuine spiritual reader offering legitimate medium services. Some of the services you can get through online reading include tarot cards, horoscope, spiritual guidance, general readings, and fortune-telling.

Services too expensive or free

It is not uncommon to find some sites offering you free minutes to speak with a psychic. It helps you decide if the medium is the right one or not. However, some fake psychics promise to answer any of your questions at no cost at all, which should be a reason enough to raise your eyebrows.

Also, if a website asks you to pay a large sum of money to access their reading services, they are most likely scammers. You can take some time to research and read through some review sites on some genuine psychic sites and the average fees one should pay per session. It will help you avoid falling into the hands of fake mediums.

Another red flag related to fees is a psychic who tells you to pay for every promise they fulfil. If you are told to pay a certain amount of money to get well, find a lover, earn a fortune or speak to a dead loved one, then know that you are about to lose your hard-earned money. A real medium will never ask for more than the initial fee you paid to access their services.


A psychic uses their intuition to guide you depending on the issue you went searching for them. However, since a fake medium does not have that capability, the psychic can try to manipulate you through reading your body language, so you should opt more for an online reading than a physical one.

When it is an online chat, the psychic cannot judge you based on your appearance, dressing, or general body behavior. Therefore, the medium will only use intuition or psychic formula to offer you the help you need. Also, be careful during the session and ask many questions because if the psychic is the one asking, they may be looking for answers by leading you on.

Their reputation

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to find if a service is worth considering or not. Clients who have first-hand experience with a service provider are better placed to give you their experiences. Therefore, before you try out the services of a psychic near you, do not be afraid to ask around and know how their reputation is.

If you decide to have an online reading, you can read the reviews and remarks of other clients and gauge for yourself if the mediums are worth trying. Another effective way of finding out who the legit psychics are is by reading review websites that take time to research the platforms and give detailed information of the psychic sites and the services they offer. From the review, you can learn more about what to look for in a psychic reading.

Some even state how long a site has been in operation and the area of expertise the medium deals with, making your work easier as you only have to choose the psychic that can provide solutions to your problems.

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health and well-being.

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