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3 Signs of Alcohol Addiction and Need for a Detox Programme

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The world should never forget the likes of Truman Capote, Richard Burton, Errol Flynn, Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac, Hank Williams, Mickey Mantle, and Billie Holiday. This is because of the legacies they left behind.

All of these personalities made a great name for themselves in their various careers as they opened our eyes to the unimaginable. For instance, Billie Holiday was known to emotionally express reality via her music.

She mirrored the society and made insightful remarks via her songs. A typical example was Strange Fruit which explained the fears and concerns of blacks in the face of racial inequality.

Unfortunately, all of these personalities have something negative in common. They all died as a result of conditions that can be traced to alcohol abuse.

Alcoholish is a global porblem

It is sad to think the world did not see more of these departed souls because of their inability to deal appropriately with alcohol. For information about their background, career accomplishments, and situations surrounding their demise, you can read this.

More unfortunate is the fact that abuse of alcohol continues to claim more lives and cause untold hardship to persons and families. To help deal with the situation, vulnerable and affected persons must seek professional help as soon as possible.

But before this can happen, they need to understand the signs that indicate their need for professional help. This is exactly what this article will do as we walk you through 3 signs that indicate alcoholism. We advise that you examine yourself for these signs and get help if you figure out that you need it.

How to figure out that you need help with alcoholism

Anyone that exhibits any of the following signs should seriously consider undergoing an alcohol detox and/or rehab programme:

Consuming more than you intended

Consumption of alcohol is not a problem in many societies. This is as long as you do not do this as a minor or engage in certain actions under its influence.

But even at that, persons that are in the habit of exceeding the originally intended amount should consider this as a red flag. A person without this problem will be able to put an abrupt stop to the drinking as initially planned.

Additionally, people who have a problem cutting down on their alcohol intake should also consider seeking professional help. We strongly suggest that you seek this service in an environment that is serene and has the required human and material resources.

For instance, we have gathered that clinics that offer alcohol detox in Houston have helped a whole lot of people in that state and beyond. 

Spending too much time drinking

Many persons have lost their jobs because of alcoholism. Asides from being against the policies of certain organisations, some have this experience because they spend time that could have been used doing productive things in drinking. Some simply are not physically and/or mentally capable even while on the job.

To avoid this and many other complications, drinking alcoholic contents should not take up too much of your time. You should therefore seek professional help if you have a problem doing this.

The whole point is that the act of consuming this psychoactive substance should not adversely affect your performance and sense of responsibility.

Interpersonal problems

There is something weird about alcohol. It is a trigger or acts as a catalyst for people who want to perpetrate odd fantasies. For instance, many people who hit their partners or abuse their children do so under the influence of alcohol.

While alcohol cannot be entirely blamed as some acts should not happen even under its influence, it is a major factor. For more on this subject, you can visit: https://www.who.int/violence_injury_prevention/violence/world_report/factsheets/fs_intimate.pdf

The truth is that yours may not be as severe as this. However, you should consider it a cause for concern when the consumption of alcohol is affecting your relationship with others. It is even more of a problem when you know this but cannot bring yourself to stop. It is a clear sign that you need professional help.


As stressed earlier in this article, issues that can arise from the excessive intake of alcohol will do more harm than good. Despite the momentary pleasure, the consequences can be very severe.

This is why you should understand the signs that indicate you need professional help and get it fast enough. We hope that you make informed decisions based on the important information shared in this article.

Ellen Diamond did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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