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Should All Senior Citizens Own a Medical Alert Device?

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Most doctors encourage seniors to wear portable monitors to check their medical conditions like heart rates and blood pressure. The portable monitors are small and can come in the form of a watch or bracelet. Doctors can remotely monitor their patients’ medical conditions, helping patients who are away from medical centers. Medical alert devices can also alert first responders when an accident occurs. Most aging people live alone with growing children who cannot assist them during an emergency. So, all seniors must have a medical alert system. Read on to discover why your senior loved one should own a medical alert system.


Medical alert systems are easy-to-wear since they come in the form of bracelets or pendants. They are not bulky and can be discreet to make them more convenient and less embarrassing. Medical alert devices provide a quick alternative to reaching for a phone and remembering the correct number to dial or pressing more than one button. If you do not have a caregiver for your senior loved one, a medical alert device will give you peace of mind since you can constantly and remotely monitor their activities. You know that there will always be somebody on the other end of the system to help your senior citizen.

Emergency help

 Every second matters in an emergency. Your elderly loved one has a higher chance of surviving if they receive help within an hour of an emergency. A medical alert will ensure that your seniors access medical attention as soon as possible, whether they suffer a fall or heart attack. You know that they can get help with a press of a button. This peace of mind will promote your quality of life since you do not have to worry so much about your senior’s health.

Remind seniors to take medicine

Medical alert systems were initially designed only for emergencies. Fortunately, this has changed, and medical alert systems now offer more services. The devices can help prevent emergencies by reminding your senior to take medicine at the required time. Some systems can detect toxins like carbon monoxide and warn you of impending danger. You will find many types in the market, and you can choose the one that fits your senior.

Maintain their independence

One of the best reasons for seniors to own a medical device is that they allow them to maintain their independence. You can opt for a medical alert system with a GPS location tracking to protect seniors everywhere they go. This means that your elderly loved one can take a long walk, go to the mall, and visit relatives. You can also rest assured that they can contact an emergency responder if something happens.

They have a health condition

If your elderly loved one has a medical condition, you know that this can cause panic. Sometimes you do not know whether it is a minor ache or something severe. So, what’s better than knowing that you have a medical team at your disposal when something happens? You will no longer have to spend hours on hold trying to get an appointment with your doctor or reach an Uber to drive you to the hospital. A medical alert system allows you to have immediate help at your fingertips.

Your senior is at risk of falling

If your senior has ever fallen when no one is around to help, you probably know it is a scary experience. A medical alert system with fall detection provides an added layer of protection. Fall detection will notify an emergency responder even if your elderly loved one fails to press the button. This means that you will not worry that your senior will be stranded without anyone to help.

Variety of options

Medical alert systems are available in different configurations. The modern ones look like a fitness or activity monitor. They can also have a GPS tracker built in to help family and other loved ones know the whereabouts of their elderly loved ones should they get lost. 

The best medical alert device depends on the needs of your elderly loved one. However, according to Mysanantonio.com, the best medical alert device should include GPS location services, automatic fall detection, medical reminders, and 24/7 professional monitoring.

Medical alert systems can provide peace of mind for seniors living alone and their loved ones. The devices can dispatch family or first responders quickly should trouble be sensed. Your senior loved ones will get the assistance they need even if they don’t require medical treatment because someone will be sent to help in a time of need.

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