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During Sheila Mulvenney’s career in health, care, and education she has worked in a wide variety of settings and roles, in the community, schools, colleges, and several local authorities. In addition to working directly with children, young people, and families, Sheila has in many roles been responsible for developing and delivering training programmes for teachers and school staff, social workers, other social care professionals and parents and carers.

The topics have included all aspects of parenting and caring, mental health and resilience, attachment, trauma and child development, as well as behaviour, special educational needs and inclusion. Sheila also delivers regular training for teachers on phonics, and teaching reading

Sheila is a CELTA-qualified and has taught English as a foreign language to many children and adults. She has also worked in a number of different local authority virtual schools for children in care, as a consultant, deputy head, and head.

Working with children and young people in care Sheila has worked with many young asylum seekers and migrant children and both managed and delivered EAL and ESOL lessons and programmes.

Her book, Overcoming Barriers to Learning was published in 2017 and she has had articles published in the TES and the Guardian. She spends most of her time now delivering training to groups of professionals either on a freelance basis or via her own training company.




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