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Shalhavit-Simcha is a multi-award-winning PhD researcher, musician, and creative director. Passionate about people’s mental health and multimedia, Shalhavit-Simcha is the winner of Harvard University’s Bok Prize for Public Engagement and founder of PosiFest, an online well-being festival.

Working on visual learning platforms such as EDx MOOCS and Harvard’s Canvas, Shalhavit co-founded the MITx Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamps at MIT and lectures on entrepreneurship, business, user experience, and wellness.

An artist, and survivor of anorexia, Shalhavit’s international performances and interactive installations have nominated her with Harvard University’s annual Bok Prize for her public service.

Aiming to research how to improve the mental wellness of young adults, she develops accessible coping skills psychoeducation in the format of documentary-music-video. Currently, she screens her work in film festivals and online events to observe and articulate actionable goals and techniques to address mental well-being and support each other during these times.






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