Special Issue on Sexualities and Health: Critical Perspectives

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The second of two special issues on ‘Sexualities and Health: Critical Perspectives’ has been published in Psychology of Sexualities Review and is now available online via the BPS Shop.

It is behind a paywall but non-members can purchase a copy for just £3.60.

Editorial – Critical perspectives on sexualities and health: Closing the gap between LGBTQ health research and the LGBTQ community
Adam Jowett

Special Section – Increasing intimacy and pleasure while reducing risk: Reasons for barebacking in a sample of Canadian and American gay and bisexual men
Natania Marcus & Joseph Roy Gillis

Collaboratively setting the priorities for health and social care research for older lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans* people
Maurice Nagington, Tommy Dickinson, Stephen Hicks & Mark Pilling

Young people’s experiences of negotiating health care services in relation to sexual and gender identities: A community-based approach to service improvement
Broìna Nic Giolla Easpaig & Rachael Fox

Critical perspectives on the diversity of research into sexualities and health in Aotearoa/New Zealand: Thinking outside the boxes
Gareth J. Treharne & Jeffery Adams

Article – Identity formation and conflict in older Irish gay men
Joanne McCarthy & Roshan das Nair

Interview – Pushing at the edges in uncertain places: Jos Twist in conversation with Bernadette Wren

Event Review – Asexuality: The inside story
Kiera Frost, Declan Heaslewood, Samantha Holley & Rebecca Wynn

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