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Choosing the Right Therapist for Sex Counselling Can Light the Spark in Your Sex Life

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Sex is an important part of a couple’s relationship. It helps them deepen their connection, leading to a happier, more fulfilled relationship. A low sex drive or sexual incompatibility can also lead to the breakdown of a relationship, and even be a cause of severe depression among individuals. Hence, if you have been feeling sexually low or experiencing a loss of sexual desire, it’s time you seek help.

Are there ways to improve a person’s sex drive or sexual function? Absolutely! There are numerous tools available to increase sexual performance and libido. Seeking consultation with an experienced  and caring professional is considered to be the best approach towards reviving a more satisfying sex life.

Sexual counselling in Adelaide doesn’t only help someone overcome the frustration of low sexual desire and the consequences of it in a relationship, it also helps them to understand the reasons behind it, find the cause and a solution. The results achieved through counselling will last longer than medication alone. This is perhaps due to  the fact that sex is not just physical – it’s intertwined with our emotions. So connecting with your inner self is a significant factor in harnessing your sexuality.

How to choose the right sex therapist? 

Sex can be a difficult topic to talk about. It’s deeply personal and people can often feel embarrassed. That’s where sex therapy in Adelaide’s leading practice, Therapia Psychology, can help. Their therapists are trained to be sensitive, and to be understanding and maintain complete confidentiality. You can feel confident and comfortable in discussing your sexual concerns knowing that their clinical sexologists will understand you and your individual needs.

Therapia Psychology  guarantees the privacy of their clients. Their highly experienced therapists help them feel at ease by building a friendly rapport to ensure they can facilitate the best possible outcomes. The more you dig deep into your thoughts and discover what lies within, the better the chances of finding a resolution.  

How to find the right therapist

  • Inquire about the service providers personally – Therapy is not always openly discussed so it can be difficult to find word of mouth referrals. Many people visit a counselling centre without taking the time to research whether it will be the best fit for their personal situation. Check the providers website and customers’ reviews prior to making the appointment. Do they have someone that specialises in your particular need? If you’re happy with what you’ve seen give them a call. You should be able to speak openly and with confidence knowing that they’re there to help.
  • Specialists in sex therapy – Check if the service centre you are choosing specialises in sex therapy. Do they have a clinical sexologist in their team? If not they may not be in the best position to help.
  • Consultation fees – Believe it or not, budget is a deciding factor for many people when it comes to selecting a therapist. Look for a service that is open about their fees. Are their fees listed on their website? Like most things in life, when it comes to therapy, it’s often a case of you get what you pay for. Look for an experienced, qualified therapist who specialises in the areas that you require help with. This will mean, even if the service is priced a little higher, you may find a resolution sooner making the process more affordable overall.
  • Building a rapport with your therapist – It’s often possible that even after several sessions of counselling, a patient may not be  comfortable with their therapist and problems can take longer to be resolved. Sex, in particular can be difficult to discuss. The benefit of seeing a clinical sexologist is that you can be confident that they’re trained specifically in your area of need. It’s very difficult to shock a sexologist, you can feel comfortable and relaxed knowing that whatever concern you have can be discussed with ease and without judgement.


Planning to attend sex therapy or counselling can be a tough decision, taken after much soul searching. Pick up the phone and give them a call; they can help determine the best approach for you to ensure a positive and beneficial experience. 

Jason Smith did his degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh.  He has an ongoing interest in mental health and well-being. 

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