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Setting Boundaries: Key to Being Productive

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We all experience a drastic change in our working world, from having to physically report at our work station to start doing it at home. We may view it as something to be grateful for from having less time to travel from our home to our workstation and by working not having to suit it up. However, why sometimes do we feel less productive and tired at all times?

Working from home set up pop up as the pandemic rises last 2020. What is tiring from this set-up is that people tend to forget that we are working from home and are not working 24 hours a day.

Boundaries have been set aside, and people, especially our seniors, tend to forget how to respect each other’s time. A perfect example is that it has become common for us to receive messages regarding work beyond our official working time or during weekends and holidays.

The boundaries between our work life and home responsibilities constantly collide with this new set-up. Putting boundaries from our work and home is a matter of discipline. If we do not do this, no one else will.

Here are a few things to guide us on how to set boundaries:

As much as possible, have your working station

When we work from home, everything runs altogether. Setting our work station will condition our mind that we are working and the certain task must accomplish while we are on it. This
also includes maintaining the workstation clean – clean space leads to a clean mind that results in productivity.

Make your schedule

Keeping in mind what time you must start to work and which time you must end working is a unique key to being productive as working from home. You take charge of your own time; on time, you feel most productive. Set and stick with your routine; after all, this routine is yours to figure out.

Know your limit

Set time and day in which you know to yourself you will not allow any work-related messages to go through to your inbox and worth your reply. Respecting our time and the time of others, practising to have our time during the weekends and holidays to make ourselves recharge the energy we use on working.

Taking time for yourself

It is as important as the time you give to your work. Just because we are working from home does not mean we do not need time to recharge and have time off from our work.

If we keep on not setting boundaries between our two worlds, we will end up unproductive and burned out from our both responsibilities. Work from home set up is our chance to learn to manage our time. Remember that boundaries are all about respect – respecting our time and time of others.

Setting boundaries will enable us to be more productive by saying no to things that will waste our time. In this new set-up, let us all practice where we will give our energy. We all aspire to be completely present at work and home.

Dina Relojo is the social media manager of Psychreg. She is a teacher from the Philippines.


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