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Here Is How You Should Set Up Your Office Based on Myers-Brigg Personality Type

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Do you feel optimum productivity under the sound of silence while a co-worker thrives with the pulsating beats of the office playlist?

Maybe the vibrant #positivevibes prints on your colleague’s home office throw you off on Teams calls? There could be a reason for this, which likely comes down to your personality type.

To save you the extensive Google search on this, Ebuyer has enlisted the help of MyersBrigg Personality Type Indicator (MBTI) practitioner Shauna Skinner.

Using the MBTI methodology, the best officeset up to complement each of the 16 personality types, from Sensor Introverted (ISTJ / ISFJ) to Feeler Extroverted (ESFJ / ENFJ), has been revealed.

If you’re looking for some #deskinspo, Ebuyer has also visualised office set-ups based on the eight dominant preferences, which account for all 16 personalities.

So, look no further if you want to inject some science-based design ideas into your office setup. Below are office visualisations for the three most common personality types, but you can see the complete list at the Ebuyer blog.

Sensor introverted 

Sensor Introverted (ISTJ/ISFJ) personality types are the people in the population that look inwards, guided by current realities and circumstances. As people who are often very sensitive to their environment, for ISTJ/ISFJ types, it’s all about calm minimalism to boost productivity.

Keeping a clean desk with minimal objects is key to minimising distractions. Colours should also be muted and earthy to allow ISTJ/ISFJ to be at one with their inner selves.

External stimuli can be highly distracting for these personality types, so their office should be as muted as possible regarding lighting and noise. For lighting, an ITSJ/ISFJ’s office should be filled with as much warm and natural light as possible, whereas the sound of silence is preferable to music systems and TVs.

Feeler extroverted 

Feeler extroverted (ESFJ/ENFJ) are the social butterflies of the 16 personality types. They thrive in social environments and are spurred by the buzz of the office. However, when it comes to their desks, they like to be clean and organised with minimal clutter.

For feeler extroverted personality types, workspaces should be organised and decorated with plants, storage supplies, and inspirational quotes to bring the #postitivevibes. Vibrant colours, natural light, upbeat music, and hanging plants are a must for boosting creativity.

Make use of that extra corner space and create a lounge area with comfy seating and plenty of chill space. Use it to grab a cuppa’ with your housemate or partner or catch up with four-legged friends.

Intuitive extroverted 

Quirky, adventurous, and fun are just a few words often used to describe intuitive extroverts (ENTP/ENFP). Offices for these personality types should be used as a canvas for self-expression – unique, eccentric, and always abstract.

Think quirky ornaments, vibrant colours, funky print and lamps and light which shine through with personality  – this could be a Victorian chandelier or a modern tripod lamp.

Lastly, no ENTP/ENFP  office would be complete without an eclectic playlist of varied music, a liquid whiteboard for a wall, a TV, and a bird or two as an office companion.

Commenting on the research, Courtney Williamson, Ebuyer marketing manager, said: ‘While everybody works in their unique way, it’s important to factor in that personality traits can have a big influence on how we work too. As we spend a lot of time at our desks, it makes sense to tailor working conditions to complement you psychologically.’

‘As many industries have moved to hybrid working, if you’re struggling with motivation altering your desk type to compliment your personality type can be great for that extra boost. Even if you work from the company office, you can incorporate features like house plants into your desk in-house.’

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