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Anna Kennedy to Speak at SEND Crisis March on 30th May

Dennis Relojo-Howell

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Dr Anna Kennedy, OBE who is an international campaigner for autism will speak at the SEND crisis national March, where she will represent London.
Dr Kennedy’s experience of dealing with parents on daily basis through social media and through her charity Anna Kennedy Online has led her to co-organise be invited to this march.

This march is for:

  • Parents and carers who are struggling and are frustrated with the SEND system currently in place
  • Parents who do not believe that this current system is providing fair and equal accessibility for their children, as was promised
  • Parents from across the country who feel that the current legislative framework surrounding SEND, is not fit for purpose and appears to be designed in such a way to avoid putting in place the required provisions to support their children receive an education to meet their needs.

Dr Kennedy is inviting you to share and sign Nadia Turkis’s petition which will be handed into 10 Downing Street on 30th May.

This nationwide protest is being organised SEND Crisis to take place on 30th May. This march aims to highlight a range of SEND issues.

Poppy Rose and Sharon Pratt are at the helm of coordinating the event. There are also planned marches across the UK on 30th May to raise awareness of failings to those with SEND, their families and education providers who are expected to provide an appropriate education on continuous budget cuts.

Everyone is invited – parents, carers , young people , school staff, among others – to support the march in London.

You are also invited to follow the SEND National Crisis Facebook Page.
There will also be guest speakers in London at 1pm outside of Parliament Square :

  • Alfie Scanlon
  • Dean Beadle
  • Dr Anna Kennedy, OBE
  • Dr Carrie Grant
  • Emma Parker
  • Kevin Courtney
  • Max Green
  • Siena Castellon

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