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Seminar: Critical Approaches to Digital Health and Leisure in Older Age


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What: Critical Approaches to Digital Health and Leisure in Older Age
Where: University of Bath
When:06 June 2017, 09:30-15:30
Website: (including info on registration): http://www.seminars.ecehh.org/critical-ehealth

This seminar will explore critical perspectives of the increasing use of digital health and leisure technologies in older age. Digital health technologies are now a core mechanism through which people manage their health. These include a broad range of digital devices, software and platforms not only providing health information but also capacities for users to self-track, monitor and regulate their bodies and behaviours and share data with others. The rising appeal of digital health solutions to influence individual behaviours has rationalised their integration into healthcare as a means towards more effect and efficient structures and systems. The growth of the digital health market also means they have become increasingly popular as a way for people to engage in leisure and health activities. This seminar will focus on critical perspectives of this turn to the digital, exploring important issues for policy and practice surrounding the inequalities of opportunity and engagement, ethical issues (e.g. surveillance) and users experiences.

Speakers: Deborah Lupton (University of Canberra), Barbarah Marshall (Trent University), Andy Miah (University of Saldford), Emma Rich (University of Bath), Veronika Williams (University of Oxford), Helen Manchester (University of Bristol), Brad Millington (University of Bath)

Cost: Free to attend, but places limited.

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