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What Do Most Career-Oriented Women Want in a Relationship?

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Dating career-oriented women has its do’s and don’ts. After all, they have achieved so many things and their partner should take this into consideration during their relationship. While most men believe that – for women to love men with all they have – they need a space to flourish and let become who they want to be, but that there’s more to it than that.

Here are a few tips on being in a relationship with a career-oriented woman.

They don’t want to be restricted 

Since they’re not your mother or sister, they feel they should not be patronised. Independent women are more likely to stand on their ground. Once they aren’t happy with your actions, they can put you at bay. Do not cross the line; if they think you’re trying to mould them into another person, that’s not going to work.

You must realise that it is their choice to be diligent – because their effort and time are important to them. They also value their independence. You should also bear in mind that they are not an anomaly; there are many independent women. 

They are often feminists

Majority of women often find feminism interesting to them. They have this notion that since they had been a subject of discrimination, they should take an active part in rebuilding equality and gender sensitivity.

They also become more decisive in the way they’re treated in their careers, studies, and general lives. The last friend they could have is a person who is uncomfortable with feminism, women’s rights – especially when that man also professes not to have the same interest in independent women.

You should not invalidate their lived experience. 

They don’t need a liability but a contributor

Since they have been a figure of success and fame, they choose someone who can be a contributor and ladder to them getting what they want. It is worthy to note that independent women want equality in a relationship, not those who seek to control them. 

Now know this, wanting a partner is different from needing a partner. They don’t need you to shower them with compliments. Instead, they are interested in you.

If you’re trying to chase out the woman to control them, it’s not going to work. You’d wish to push for to be comfortable with being wanted but not needed. If you’re somewhat in a relationship on which the woman is dependent on you for everything, the matter lies with you.

They desire and love their privacy

They often are likely to possess a whole lot of priorities, roles, and responsibilities in their lives that they simply won’t want you to be part of. They also believe that you simply shouldn’t care about what they are passionate about and don’t dare to be the centre of it all, you don’t have to be included and to be the centre of their attention all the time.

This is often not within the littlest amount unenthusiastic to talk of it all. They expect you both still exist as humans in your title; you must not jointly do everything at all times. They expect you should respect each other and what you both care about, but you don’t have to be involved in everything.

They do all these because they believe it had been a social norm that women didn’t accompany men to their employment, social events, place of meetings or even their travels places; men have had these roles and goals for several years and women were excluded from it all, hence their time and space to do theirs.


These women know that they don’t have to always spend time and years following the dogma of others. Until the right thing and person arrives, they remain themselves, enjoying their money, friends, and fame. Whether they share their dreams with the world or not, they know that they have the right to go after whatever and whoever they want.


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Onah Caleb is a research assistant at Benue State University (Nigeria). He runs the blog KaylebsThought.



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