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5 Self-Care Tips to Be Your Best Self This Easter Bank Holiday

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Taking time to practise self-care is essential to achieve optimal levels of wellness and de-stress. A subjective term, self-care can look very different to each individual.

Accessible, premium wellness brand, Goodrays, who are all about promoting the art of relaxation to their health-conscious community, has compiled expert tips to help you achieve ultimate self-care this bank holiday, whatever that may look like for you.

Simply put, self-care is time spent doing things that feed your soul, balance out work and life and help you de-stress. For extroverts, this may mean surrounding yourself with people this bank holiday, sharing food, drink and socialising. For others, this may be relaxing indoors or escaping on a quiet weekend getaway. 

Get outdoors

Often weather dependent; getting outdoors, increasing your serotonin levels and breathing in the fresh air can offer a whole new, positive perspective. Whether you enjoy walking or running, simply immersing yourself in nature can offer a change of scenery that can help your mind and body to unwind. It can also be an easy, accessible way to practise self-care that won’t break the bank.

This bank holiday, take yourself outdoors on a hike in your local national park or try a spot of ‘Forest Bathing’ which involves soaking up all the forest has to offer. The weather is looking to be in your favour.

Socialise with friends

If you have a more extroverted personality, channelling energy from friends and family can be a good way to switch off and recharge. Whilst for some this might mean the typical boozy bank holidays, for others this can be going out for a nice meal, enjoying a games night or simply catching up with friendships you may have been too busy to nurture.

Cook for family

One for the foodies, practising self-care can be sharing good food with the people you love. Try new cuisines, cook up a family favourite and enthral yourself into hearty food. Think big dishes of pasta, colourful salads, or tear and share meals that can get everyone involved.

Who doesn’t love spending their bank holiday eating the foods they don’t have time to make after work mid-week? 

Unplug and retreat

For some, taking time out from the hustle and bustle of normality can be the perfect way to practise self-care. Turning off your direct line to social media, reading a good book, escaping to the small screen or big screen and hibernating in new surroundings might be all you need this bank holiday weekend to chill out and achieve relaxation. 

Pursue a passion

If you thrive on staying busy then directing time into a hobby can be the perfect self-care balance. Is there a hobby you’ve been eager to try for a while but didn’t have time for? Well, the bank holiday’s extra two days provide the perfect time to kickstart that goal.

Whether this is something artistic, creative, sporty or charitable, dedicating the bank holiday weekend doing something you love offers a dedication to yourself that will have you refreshed and rejuvenated ready for a new week.


Eoin Keenan, the founder and CEO of Goodrays, said: ‘Relaxation and self-care can be interpreted in so many different ways that the opportunities can seem overwhelming. The long, bank holiday weekend is the perfect opportunity to zone in on what self-care means to you and set aside time to feed your soul by doing something you love.

‘To understand what self-care means to you, take time to reflect on yourself, what you enjoy doing, what makes you feel most at ease, and then, create an idyllic weekend this bank holiday. You have four days to truly take care of yourself, embrace them.’

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