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Seeker 4 Pro from Olight

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The Seeker 4 Pro has 6 light modes. The turbo mode begins with an output of 4,600 lumens. 4000 more lumens than the Seeker 3 pro, and then drops to 1200 lumens after 2 and half minutes. The High mode has an initial output of 1200 lumens and then drops to 600 lumens after 75 minutes. The Medium setting burns at 300 lumens for 11 hours. Follow the medium settings, the low setting seconds fifty lumens and runs for sixty hours before exhausting the battery.  The fifth setting is the moonlight setting. At this point, the Seeker sends out 5 lumens and runs for 15 days. The end setting is the strobe setting.

The Seeker 4 Pro includes many other handy specs. The first spec is the capability to increase or reduce the light while it is off. Another spec is the built-in timer, which can shut off the Seeker after 3 or 9 minutes. Additionally, the light has a lock mode to prevent accidentally discharging the seeker. Olight also contains a carry holster that locks the light from going above 600 lumens when in the holster. The holster also works as a charging station for the torch with a USB-C cable. The Seeker 4 has been awarded an IPX89 waterproof rating.

Technical features

  • High output: Maximum output of 4,600 lumens.
  • Non-slip body: The amazingly designed curved body gives a comfortable and relaxed grip.
  • Premium metal side switch: The high-end switch is very durable, and the battery level indicator in the centre of it permits you to simply view the remaining power at a glance.
  • Magnetic charging: Just snap it on to completely charge the torch in only 1.5 hours.
  • Dual colour temperature options: The OD green and black modes offer both NW and CW options, permitting you to pick the right hue for any given condition.

How Seeker pro 4 helps you in self-defence and outdoor activities

With its remarkable versatility and dependable performance, the Seeker pro 4 exceeds the limitations of flashlight, becoming your indispensable companion across multiple activities. So, embark on your next adventure with confidence.

Security and police operations

  • Patrol with confidence. Maintain a perfect view of your surroundings and potential risks with bright modes. Illuminate risky activities, navigate dark alleyways safely, and make sure your own safety during nighttime patrols.
  • Identify details. When every detail matters, the Seeker Pro 4’s strong beam permits the right identification of objects and individuals in low-light situations. Enhance conditional awareness, make well-versed decisions, and uphold safety during important operations
  • Preserve night vision. The moon mode helps with movement and observation without compromising your night vision. Perform surveillance effectively, maintain tactical advantage, and arrest suspects without altering them prematurely.

Self defence

  • Disorient potential risks. While not a weapon, the Turbo mode’s temporary blinding brightness can stop possible attackers, creating a chance to seek help or escape. Utilise this feature carefully and prioritise de-escalation whenever possible.
  • Signal for help. In important conditions, the Turbo mode can be used to attract focus and signal for help from authorities or bystanders. Increase your chances of getting timely help and deter potential attackers through visibility.

Outdoor activities

  • Hike and climb with confidence. Seeker Pro 4’s strong beam slices through darkness, illuminating potential risks like uneven terrain, loose racks, and hidden drop-offs. Navigate unfamiliar trials with ease, ensuring every step you take is a positive one. With the bright modes, you can also appreciate the amazing scenery around you. Anyway, turn your nighttime hike into a really immersive experience, where safety and beauty go hand in hand.
  • Fishing at night. The Seeker Pro 4 is your new best friend. Like a superhero flashlight, its bright beam cuts through the water, showing you where all the creatures are hiding. See shy bass under lily pads, find baitfish groups to attract bigger catches, and cast your line exactly where it needs to be. On the other hand, moonlight mode makes it a remarkable experience. Imagine reeling in your prize under the stars, feeling proud of your nighttime adventure. This flashlight lights up your fishing fun!


1. What are different light modes and their uses in open-air activities? The Seeker Pro 4 has multiple modes, each optimised for different conditions.

  • Turbo (4600 lumens): High lumen for emergencies or illuminating big areas.
  • High (1200 Lumens): Exploring, walking, and tasks requiring best visibility.
  • Mid (300 lumens): Reading, preserving battery life, and navigating trials at night.
  • Low (50 Lumens): Finding things in the dark, preserving night vision, and campsite ambience.
  • Moon (5 Lumens): Stargazing, observing wildlife without issuing them, and maintaining night vision.

2. Is the Seeker Pro 4 waterproof?

Yes, it has an IPX8 rating, meaning it can be submerged in two meters of water for up to thirty minutes.

3. How durable is it?

The Seeker Pro 4 is made from aircraft-grade aluminium and can withstand bumps, drops, and harsh weather situations.

4. Can I use it to read in my tent?

Yes, the low and mid modes provide a relaxing light for reading.

5. Will it attract bugs?

Any light source can attract insects, but this flashlight output is less likely to attract them compared to traditional lanterns.

6. Can I use it as a lantern?

While not mainly designed as a lantern, the moon and low modes can provide peaceful light in your campsite.

7. Can I see planets with the Seeker 4 Pro?

No, it would not magnify objects like a telescope, but you can actually enjoy the beauty of the night sky thanks to the clear and relaxing light.

Final thoughts

The Seeker 4 Pro is a powerful outdoor light that works well in wild and urban settings. Having the light while in the mountains was supportive for me when walking around base camp at night. One little point I had with using the Seeker was getting used to holding down the switch for 2 seconds to start the light. Anyway, I appreciate how easily it is to switch between modes by rotating the switch. This torch works well for camping, those doing security shifts at night, and as part of a vehicle emergency kit.

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