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10 Secrets Women Keep from Men

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The truth is that every woman hides some unknown secrets from her significant other, and even though she spends a lot of time with you, and is even the closest person to you, she still has things hidden from you that you don’t know about.

In order to give a woman unparalleled pleasure, not only do you need to have excellent sexual skills and the ability to please each other, but you also need to know what’s going on inside her mind, and I’m going to take you into the world of women’s secrets. Sex toys can be your best weapon for teasing women. Find your favourite sex toys on tracysgog.

1. Our conversations about sex are more explicit than yours

Women are naturally good at communicating and it’s important that this trait helps them maintain their mental health, so every time we engage in sexual activity, our closest friends get to hear all the fun details and even some of the quirky tricks you play during sex.

For example, that girl you hooked up with at the bar last weekend knows all the details of your passionate encounter. When women talk about sex, it doesn’t come with any reservations, and we delve into all sorts of sexual positions and experiences, from the fabulous to the not-so-fabulous, or the middle of the-road.

2. We grow tired of routine in bed faster than men

Women are more likely to get bored of the same sex than men, and if the same partner is having sex with a woman in the same way for a long time, it can quickly become tiresome. Even if the sex is great, the repetition of it day in and day out can make us feel stuck in a monotonous cycle, which not only makes us lose interest but can also have a negative impact on the sex.

For example, maybe you tried some special techniques during oral sex one time and she really enjoyed it. You might naturally use these actions in subsequent sexual encounters because you know they work. However, repetition can lead to women becoming bored with these behaviors and our bodies are constantly changing so they need more novel experiences.

It is therefore essential to explore new things and try them out with your partner on a regular basis.

3. We worry about damaging your self-esteem

A big part of the reason why women keep secrets from men is because they are afraid of hurting your self-esteem. We know how damaging it can be if a man is insecure in bed, so we try to avoid saying things that will make you both feel sad, but more encouraging and kind lies.

As a man, if you sense some disappointment in a woman’s attitude and want to have an honest conversation, you need to create a good communication atmosphere, speak your mind honestly and keep a good attitude towards some of her positive comments. The most important thing is to let the other person feel that you are willing to learn and improve their attitude, so that they are willing to share their truest feelings with you.

4. She desires to surrender completely

Many women don’t like to be the active party in sex, and women often want to give up control completely and give you their whole selves to indulge in pleasure. If you can make her feel completely submissive, then she will definitely become more dependent on you and adore you.

Women like their partners to be able to know what their bodies want at all times, and as long as you are willing to explore her body and learn her favourite ways of having sex and those techniques that will make her feel pleasure, it will make them fully engaged and even more enamoured with you.

5. Oral sex can stress us out

There is no denying that oral sex is indeed pleasurable and arousing, but many women are not able to fully relax and feel the pleasure of oral sex. This is because when a partner performs oral sex on her, women tend to worry about, for example, whether their inability to climax for a long period of time will make the other person feel uncomfortable or tired, or if they will feel ashamed because their bodily fluids are all over the other person’s face.

This kind of pressure is common, and focusing too much on orgasm makes it difficult to really feel the full pleasure of oral sex. This is where you need to give your partner more encouragement, such as “take your time”, “I’m enjoying it; what about you”, “just relax and leave it to me”. These words can help relieve tension and stress and help us feel relaxed so we can experience oral sex and orgasm better.

If you do not want to try oral sex, or your oral sex skills are not enough to make your partner reach orgasm, you can also use clitoral sucking toys, such as rose toy which is a beautiful sex toy that can be a good simulation of the sucking sensation brought about by real oral sex, but can also be done in the frequency of the man who can not reach the frequency of the sucking, which can be achieved in a short period of time to achieve multiple orgasms.

6. Big Penises aren’t our favourites

Though a thick penis may look spectacular, too large a size can actually make us feel uncomfortable. A plump penis doesn’t guarantee satisfaction and pleasure, what matters most is skill, hardness and longevity. These characteristics are what women care about most during sex, and no matter what size your penis is, as long as you have skillful technique, you can give women a perfect sexual experience.

7. We want to try sex toys

Exploring new and fresh sexual experiences is something that many women crave, so we are more than willing to try out a wide variety of sex toys, which can be incredibly exciting and pleasurable.

Women tend to be very shy about this kind of topic, worrying that the implication of wanting to try sex toys will make you worry that you’re not satisfying us, but in fact we’re just trying to incorporate some freshness and aren’t upset with you.

Specially designed sex pleasure toys can give us a special thrill that sets us apart from sex, so we truly hope that you will take the initiative to talk to us about incorporating sex toys into our sex lives.

8. Battling insecurities in the bedroom

Even though we try very hard to give you a good sexual experience, we are sometimes surrounded by insecurity and anxiety during intimate moments. We may worry about whether or not we’re pleasing you, or if you’re enjoying yourself.

If you feel as if your partner is starting to get distracted during sex, it’s probably not a reflection of your performance. Instead of rushing things, consider taking a pause to reassure her, eliminate her concerns and get her back into a sexual groove.

Taking the time to understand what she’s experiencing can foster a deeper connection and set the stage for more fulfilling sex in the future.

9. The importance of clitoral stimulation

The biggest source of pleasure in our bodies is the clitoris, which has twice as many nerve endings on it as the entire penis, but its importance is often overlooked.

Most women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, so you need to do a lot of clitoral stimulation during foreplay and don’t neglect the clitoris during sex, You can massage it during intercourse to add more pleasure.

All in all, remember to take more time to tease the clitoris during sex, it will give us pleasure and satisfaction.

10. Delay penetration and prioritise foreplay

It is well known that women take time to become fully aroused. Unlike men, our arousal process is not as simple as getting an erection and preparing for intercourse. For women, full sexual arousal can help us prepare our bodies and minds for penetrative sex. Similar to men, women possess erectile tissue and our vaginas should be fully lubricated and engorged prior to penetration.

Inadequate arousal can lead to discomfort and even pain during intercourse. Therefore, it is vital to engage in plenty of foreplay to ensure we are fully prepared for penetration.

Take the time to touch, caress and tease us until we are practically begging for penetration. This not only enhances our pleasure and satisfaction, but also ensures a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for both partners.

Samantha Green, a psychology graduate from the University of Hertfordshire, has a keen interest in the fields of mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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