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Scotland’s Family-Run Businesses Showcase Their Heart and Soul in Campbells Meat’s Latest Campaign

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According to data, Scotland is home to over 280,000 family-run businesses, accounting for around 84% of all businesses in the country, making family businesses the heart of the country. 

In an effort to encourage UK shoppers to cook with the finest from Scotland, online butchers Campbells Meat have partnered with other family-run businesses to showcase Scottish food. With the heart and soul that go into Scottish produce, now is the time to explore what Scotland has to offer.

Campbells Meat has created three billboards that highlight just how important being a family-run business is to those in Scotland, showcasing the heart, soul and history that go into the products you buy. The three billboards are in partnership with some of their suppliers across Scotland, who are also family-run.

Campbells Meat, who specialises in meat and fish asked businesses what being part of a family-owned business means to them, with Lynn, co-owner of Supernature, sharing that she believes “Running a family business has been very fulfilling for us as we can share it with our children. I think family businesses play a big part in Scotland’s identity. They often tend to be the more enduring businesses, with real heart and soul put into them.” 

Chris and Lynn Mann started Supernature Oils in 2011, as a diversification on their small tenanted farm, which has been in Chris’s family for over 165 years, and five generations have farmed here.

Similarly, Brendan from Isle of Mull Cheese said: “We’ve been dairy farming for 50+ years and making cheese for over four decades. It makes us so proud to continue into the future as a collection of family-run businesses.” 

Three generations of the Reade family are now actively involved in Sgriob-ruadh farm and the various businesses that have sprung from it. The family have worked together to build the business from the ground up.

Christopher Campbell, director of Campbells Meat said: “Being part of a family-run business makes us value the product quality, the people working here and our customer relationships. Food, drink and hospitality is Scotland’s largest industry and it is a pleasure to be part of something Scotland does so well.” 

As Campbells Meat’s push for the UK to shop family-run, they are also promoting the finest quality products with their latest TV advert, “Cook With the Finest” highlighting their commitment to provide quality products to restaurants, hotels and homes across the nation.

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