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Sacred Heart Mary Girls’ School in Upminster Donates Face Shields to Hospice


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As Head of Design and Technology at Upminster’s Sacred Heart of Mary Girls’ School, Lee Doe knows all about the importance of a well-made face shield. When she saw an urgent appeal from Saint Francis Hospice for supplies amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Lee knew that she could help.

She enlisted the help of the Catholic school’s Design and Technology Technician, Samantha Cadman, and the pair got straight to work in making equipment for the Hospice’s inpatient ward team. Lee and Sam have been busy in the school’s now empty workshop making 40 face shields by hand.

‘It’s a simple construction,’: Lee explained. ‘The shields are made of high impact polystyrene and PVC using a laser cutter. They have a headband and visor to protect face. We wanted to make them so that the Hospice’s staff can wear additional face masks underneath as well as have room for beards and specs. 

‘We have a charity event every week at Sacred Heart. It’s a very giving school, and I feel fortunate to work here. I also know from personal experience that Saint Francis Hospice is a brilliant place, so it’s a privilege to help them.’ Thank you, Lee and Sam!

As the Hospice’s nurses proudly don their masks, they need your help. You can do something incredible for the people living with life-limiting illnesses by sponsoring one of the Hospice’s nurses as they work tirelessly to stop the spread of COVID-19.

You can help fund the invaluable care here


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