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Say Anything App – Something That Every Mum Needs, As Well As Her Cup of Tea

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Rising numbers of new parents are struggling with their mental and emotional well-being. The Say Anything app offers them a ‘one-stop shop’ of resources for self-help and emotional relief. 

‘Nobody wants to feel like a burden. Parents often struggle to open up about their experience of low mood because they worry that they will be judged for not coping or not being good enough. They are sometimes so tired and stressed that they lose their sense of identity and can’t make sense of their feelings,’ says Caroline Harrison, field expert and business partner at Say Anything

For just £3 a month, with a two-month freemium, the Say Anything app offers users access to hand-picked blogposts, podcasts, therapeutic resources, community chat, a secure platform for offloading overwhelming thoughts and feelings, and links to 24/7/365 specialist help. In-app purchases covering themes of mindfulness, fitness, nutrition and life coaching are also available for users who want to develop their self-awareness further. This is the first well-being app to provide such a holistic array of resources. 

What is the story behind Say Anything? Founder Patrycja Miskolczi (Patti), mum of three, experienced her own parenting struggles and couldn’t find a comprehensive, effective source of help. She says: ‘Becoming a parent can take you by a surprise. Despite countless articles, books, personal advice and pre-natal courses on how to be the “best” parent, nothing can prepare you for the emotional rollercoaster of this new role. In fact, the pressure there is nowadays to raise a happy, independent and confident child can often feel overwhelming.

‘Nobody explains how difficult it will be to look after our own well-being as well as somebody else’s. I spent months and months seeking, selecting and implementing the right solution in order to achieve emotional balance and overcome post-natal depression. It was a long, exhausting process.’

Say Anything was created to address mental health issues that affect 10–20% of new parents, which equates to 26 million people each year, by providing effective and affordable tools for self-help and self-soothing. The app launched in September 2019. 

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