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Sanjeev Kumar  is a recognised Mindfulness and Mystic Practitioner, educator and author. His extensive research on Practicing the Power of Present Moment is helpful for everyone on this planet.

He believes that if you are pure, honest and truthful then existence would take care of you no matter what happens because profound communication with existence happens only in silence but you need to develop great trust within yourself and then the whole existence trusts upon you. You can discover hidden potential through meditation by looking within.

His life is based on living from moment to moment, meditation and deep connection with nature.

His book has been published in different countries. He invites readers to celebrate each moment. The Power of Present Moment teaches lessons on ‘living an aware, mindful life filled with joy’.

Sanjeev encourages readers to drown out the noisy din of today’s fast-paced world, take a deep breath and enjoy each second as it comes. Inspired by his own life experiences, Sanjeev sets out to teach lessons on getting rid of problems and negative emotions. “There is always positivity or light in our life but people do not see it, but when you live from moment to moment it is already there,” he explains.

You may visit his website here or you can follow him on Twitter @santeaching

Published: 03 December 2014

Last updated: 12 June 2017

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