Sammy Taylor

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Sammy Taylor is the founder and CEO of Beauty in the Brain; a mental health writer; and a positive psychology coach.

After graduating from the University of Birmingham with a first-class honours degree in business and marketing, Sammy went on to study to become a chartered accountant before life revealed other plans. In 2019, she needed brain surgery to remove a pilocytic astrocytoma and suffered a stroke. She then developed a passion for writing while recovering, sharing life lessons to support others facing adversity, alongside volunteering as a resilience mentor for children with The Kid’s Network.

After founding Beauty in the Brain and creating products influenced by her brain tumour journey, empowering blogposts and running motivational online courses and workshops, Sammy’s story has been featured in the Daily Mail and Mirror.

In 2022, Sammy won Pychreg’s Young Writers competition and now continues on her mission to inspire, empower and support others also overcoming challenges.





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