Sally Pezaro

Sally Pezaro is a midwife, researcher, and lecturer. Sally is interested in improving the staff experience in healthcare as a route to improve the overall quality and safety of healthcare services. Sally has practised as a midwife in both the UK and Africa, and is keen to collaborate in new and exciting research projects worldwide.

Sally has developed a passion for supporting the psychological well-being of healthcare professionals over the years. Throughout her work in midwifery and supporting the midwifery workforce, Sally has aimed to secure the case for developing an online intervention designed to support midwives in work-related psychological distress. The overriding vision for Sally’s ongoing work is to secure a psychologically safe professional journey for midwives, and excellence in maternity care. Sally also inspires other midwives to become involved in research as The Academic Midwife online.

Sally regularly speaks at midwifery and healthcare conferences as she shares her knowledge and experience in healthcare services and midwifery research. Sally’s enthusiasm and passion for her work is well known, and her social media channels inspire others to thrive in midwifery and academia.

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