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Safety Provisions That Every Modern Home Should Have

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The needs and preferences of today’s home owners have evolved a great deal. They now require much more from home designs in terms of functionality and comfort. 

Home safety ranks highly on the list of functions that home buyers and renters look out for. They are also keen on investing in homes that are not just fitted with basic safety features but also have advanced solutions for modern security concerns. 

Here are some of the safety solutions worth considering whether you are designing or looking to buy or rent a home: 

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras allow you to keep watch over your home and its environs. Moreover, there are now numerous types of indoor and outdoor cameras that can meet different lifestyle requirements.

For example, if you travel or are away from your home for long hours, you can easily monitor your property via a smart camera system. You only need a smart device and internet connection and you are good to go. 

On the other hand, if you are concerned about burglary, motion-sensor cameras would come in handy. They can be set to detect motion around specific areas at certain times and notify you or the local authorities accordingly. 

Some cameras come with inbuilt lighting mechanisms while others do not. The latter may require the support of exterior lighting to make it possible for you to have clearer views at night. Custom LED lights would be ideal for this because they can be installed even in hard-to-reach areas and are usually resilient against outdoor elements.


Most countries have well outlined residential fire safety regulations. So, right off the bat, it is crucial to ensure that any home you are building or buying meets such standards. Granted, you may not know all of them but you can always hire a professional inspector or go down to your local firehouse and consult the experts. 

It also would not hurt to aim for other fire safety provisions if they are not listed in your local recommendations. Devices like smoke detectors and sprinklers can make a significant difference between life and death if a fire occurs. Fire-resistant insulation would equally go a long way in delaying the rapid spread of fire because it has low combustibility.

Gun safety

The debate on gun safety may drag on for a lifetime. However, the truth remains that a significant number of people own guns and are unwilling to part with them. Unfortunately, when such weapons fall into the wrong hands, it can be a quick recipe for tragedy. 

In light of this, it would be fair to state that gun safes are now a crucial necessity for any home. Of course, the goal here is not to encourage everyone to arm themselves. Rather, to encourage those that prefer to own a gun to keep it stored in a safe place with limited access. 

Buying wholesale gun safes is usually much more affordable. However, if you only need one or two units as you build or renovate your home, consider reaching out to a safes manufacturer directly. They will likely offer you a better price than retailers. 

Child safety

We have all seen the devastating headlines of children falling into pools and drowning or tumbling down a flight of stairs they were not meant to be on. Caregivers often get blamed for such mishaps. Yet, in most cases, they were hardly ever negligent; the infrastructure of the home just was not safe enough. 

Real estate developers are often not legally bound to childproof homes but they are mostly responsible for doing so in communal spaces. Alternatively, if you are building your own home, you can take charge and include child safety features in your building plan.

Features such as gates are great for limiting access to areas like pools that can be unsafe for kids. Play areas should also be clearly demarcated and fitted with child-safe play things made of materials such as plastic. The latter can affordably be custom-made to fit the space. Simply consult a reputable plastic injection molding service company. 

Alarm systems 

Alarm systems work quite simply but are very effective. If anyone touches a surface or enters a space that they are not meant to be in, the alarm would notify you, the neighbourhood, or even the local police. It all depends on how it is programmed to respond. 

Better still, you can now choose between a loud alarm or a silent one. Smart alarm systems also enable you to receive alerts remotely via the internet. 


It is almost impossible to summarise all home safety solutions in one go but this is a great start on the must-have basics. You can always improve on them based on your needs or further expert advice. Finally, there is no one-for-all home safety template and so, try to invest in what works best for you and your lifestyle. 

Alicia Saville did her degree in psychology at the University of Edinburgh. She interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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