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Safer Gambling Laws and How Sportsbooks Employ Them

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Gambling is one of those things that you can describe as being absolutely fine in moderation. However, there are times when there is the potential for problem gambling and other issues as a result of gambling to arise, which has led to there being safer gambling laws and guidelines produced by authorities and governments.

As with anything, the aim is always to keep gambling two things – fun and safe. And, when this is achieved, everyone is happy – operators and punters. The primary way that organisations such as the UK Gambling Commission attempt to make this a reality is by the guidelines they set. These guidelines and recommendations don’t only apply to operators monitoring the behaviour of their users but to other key areas, too, such as advertising and marketing.

Advertising and marketing are crucial cogs in the sportsbook betting system, but there are now strict protocols in place to limit them in some ways and prevent them in others. For example, anyone highlighted as a potential problem gambler will no longer be sent marketing information detailing offers and promotions.

And how sports betting can be advertised in public has also changed, with it now prohibited for influencers and others who could encourage youngsters and vulnerable people to gamble to be involved in marketing campaigns. All these things combined make up the current safer gambling laws, and sportsbook operators employ them by following them to the letter. They also have to be adaptable too, as said safer gambling laws are liable to change at any given moment.

You may think that monitoring the behaviour of members, flagging potential problem gamblers, implementing the correct processes and so on means that a sports betting operator’s job is done there. However, bwin, amongst other responsible companies running sportsbooks, told us that they go above and beyond because they care about their members and want to ensure the proper support is in place if any issues arise at any point.

One of the first ports of call has been to include a responsible or safer gambling section that visitors to a sportsbook platform, whether it be a website or app, can access on-demand at any time. And, as well as there being some fantastic information available to read, there is always an array of useful tools that can not only help problem gambling but go some way towards preventing it in the first place.

These tools can set limits on how much can be deposited, enable cool-off periods relating to depositing and playing, and even lock accounts to allow people to take a break for a pre-determined amount of time. There will also be resources that will provide links to the relevant charities and organisations where it will be possible to reach out via email or call a helpline to receive advice when needed. Coupled with the safer gambling laws and guidelines mentioned earlier, it means that gamblers have everything they need to have a safe yet enjoyable time.

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