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Is It Safe to Combine Different CBD Products?

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As with a lot of questions, there is a short answer and a more qualified answer. When it comes to whether it is safe to combine different CBD products the short answer is a cautious and qualified yes, but it pays to gain a better understanding of how to go about doing that as safely as possible.

A good starting point would be to know what CBD is and what it might be able to do for you.

Let’s take a look at CBD and what some of the different mainstream products offer. Taking CBD gummies, for instance, will be a very straightforward and different experience compared to vaping.

Cannabis without the so-called high

According to CBD Flower UK, Cannabis use was once primarily viewed as delivering psychoactive effects, which is still the case when the compound THC is present.

However, a fundamental point to consider in all CBD products is that they are designed to deliver the pain relief and relaxation benefits associated with cannabis use without the psychoactive effects.

CBD is the term widely used for cannabidiol, and it is commonly extracted from the cannabis plant known as Cannabis Sativa, which you probably know as hemp.

As hemp flower contains very low levels of THC and high levels of CBD, you can see why CBD products have become so popular as they deliver the benefits with the so-called high.

Be very cautious when combining CBD products

It was a qualified yes to the question of combining CBD products, and you should always adopt a cautious approach at all times. It should also be noted that some combinations could actually pose a potential health risk.

A key point to remember is that not all CBD products are of an equal quality, and you need to know what is in each of them if you are thinking about combining two different products.

It is also very important to appreciate the fact that your body can react differently to combinations of CBD products compared to the reaction you might experience when taken individually.

The best approach would always to take very small quantities as a precaution and only increase levels once you are comfortable that you know how your body will respond.

Some combinations should be avoided

There are a couple of CBD combinations that should be avoided.

Combining CBD oil and e-liquid is definitely best avoided. Vape pens are specifically designed to be used with e-liquid, which is what produces the vapour. Using oil as an alternative is not something you should consider as it won’t fully vaporize and could potentially create a health hazard.

Using CBD oil with vaping equipment is also a bad idea. The oil can cause vapours to build up in the coil, which raises the risk of clogging and damaging your pen. Burnt oil will create a bad taste too, so you won’t want that.

The main advice is always to do your research and think carefully about any potential CBD combinations you are considering.

Pay attention to what your body is telling you and stick to suggested dosage levels so that you can enjoy the CBD experience safely.

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