Rona dela Rosa

Rona dela Rosa is an Instructor in the Department of English of the Polytechnic College of the City of Meycauyan in Bulacan, Philippines. She is pursuing her PhD in English Language Studies at Bulacan State University. She finished her bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from City of Malabon University. 

Rona’s research interest includes educational psychology, adult education and applied linguistics. She is currently working on a research project which investigates the relationship of creativity and language skills among Filipino students. More recently she has explored the reading abilities among adolescent second language readers.

Some of her published works include:

  • Relojo, D., dela Rosa, R., & Pilao, S.J. (2016). Reading abilities among adolescent second language readers: Theoretical, cultural and educational implications. International Research Journal of Humanities & Social Science, 1(4), 22-28.
  • Relojo, D., Pilao, S.J., & dela Rosa, R. (2015). From passion to emotion: Emotional quotient as predictor of Work Attitude Behaviour among faculty members. i-manager’s Journal on Educational Psychology, 8(4), 1-10.

She wrote an article for Psychreg about the benefits of reading fiction. You can follow her on Twitter @itismerona . 

Published: 23 October 2016

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