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The Role of Plastic Surgeons in Skin Cyst Removal

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No one wants a lump in their body, especially if it is somewhere others can see. It becomes a matter of discomfort and inconvenience. Everyone you know will suddenly ask about what it is and whether you have visited a doctor. Cysts usually tend to be harmless unless they form joints and become painful. In sporadic cases, a cyst can be one of the symptoms of cancer. Hence, it is essential that the moment you find a cyst in your body, you should consult a doctor and get it checked. Whether the cyst is benign or not, you should get rid of it at the earliest. If you want skin cyst removal, you need to know everything about it.

What is a cyst?

A skin lesion can grow in any part of your body. These cysts are pockets full of fluids, dead skin, tissues and hair. If you are experiencing pain and you feel that it can rupture, leading to infection and inflammation, you should immediately consult a plastic surgeon. Although some cysts tend to disappear with time, they can return independently. An infected cyst can lead to blood poisoning. Thankfully, it can be removed through a simple procedure. In most cases, no complications are there. 

What causes cysts? How do they form?

The most common reason behind a cyst formation is clogged sebaceous glands or infection. The blockage traps the fluid or tissue under the skin. With time, a cyst forms around it because your body considers the fluid or tissue a foreign object and wants to protect you from further harm.

Other ways in which a cyst can form include the following:

  • Piercings
  • Tumour
  • Keratin buildup
  • Parasites
  • Genetic conditions

What is the role of a plastic surgeon in cyst removal?

When you consult the plastic surgeon for cyst removal, he will discuss the treatment with you and explain it in detail. If you opt for the aspiration procedure, the plastic surgeon will lance the cyst to drain the fluid. He will then use a sterility kit and a drape to cover the area, preventing the cyst from getting further infected. 

If you opt for skin cyst removal surgery, the plastic surgeon will use local anaesthesia to numb the area. He will then use a scalpel and sterile tools to remove the cyst. If the cyst is larger, the surgeon will stitch the wound before bandaging the area.

The tools used in cyst removal surgeries vary depending on where the cyst has appeared. For example, in the case of ovarian cyst removal, the surgeon will use a laparoscope to locate the lump and then use the tools to remove it. 

If you have sebaceous cysts, the surgeon will recommend laser removal. The treatment involves several sessions. However, it is highly safe and does not leave scars like a traditional cyst removal procedure. 

Summing it up

Get in touch with a reliable plastic surgeon to get yourself treated. When you find a cyst in your body, do not panic. It may be a benign one. Unless the surgeon says something, do not jump to unnecessary conclusions.

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