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Robert Burriss is a Research Fellow at Department of Psychology at Northumbria University. He holds PhD in Biological Sciences, MSc Evolutionary Psychology (distinction), BSc Psychology (2.i) all from University of Liverpool. He studies human mate choice.

From 2011-2012, he served as Post-doctoral research associate at Department of Psychology at University of Stirling.

His publications include:

  • Burriss, R. P., Marcinkowska, U. M., & Lyons, M. T. (2014). Gaze properties of women judging the attractiveness of masculine and feminine male faces. Evolutionary Psychology12(1), 19-35.
  • Burriss, R. P., Welling, L. L., & Puts, D. A. (2011). Mate-preference drives mate-choice: Men’s self-rated masculinity predicts their female partner’s preference for masculinity. Personality and Individual Differences51(8), 1023-1027.
  • Burriss, R. P., Roberts, S. C., Welling, L. L., Puts, D. A., & Little, A. C. (2011). Heterosexual romantic couples mate assortatively for facial symmetry, but not masculinity. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 0146167211399584.

Since 2009 Buriss has produced the monthly Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast, which is aimed at people who like the Nature podcast but wish it was (a) a bit less ‘sciency’, (b) presented by a bald man, and (c) recorded in a cupboard under a blanket. The Psychology of Attractiveness Podcast is a monthly roundup of the most interesting and cutting edge findings from the field of attractiveness psychology.

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Published: 24 July 2014

Last update: 17 June 2018

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