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Here’s a Simple Road Map to Success

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What is the meaning of life? This is a question that has, to date, not been answered conclusively. There are, perhaps, a variety of perceptions, but no single conclusive answer. But we all do know that we have only one life to live and make meaning of.

Do you know YOLO? Go ahead and look it up. I can bet you’ll love it the moment you see what it means. This one acronym clearly tells us how we should look at life and why we need to join the action and not be couch potatoes trying to derive inspiration from a biopic. Perhaps we could ask ourselves who the people in the biopics are. You can easily find that out – just Google it. 

So, you’ve just watched a biopic, got pumped up, took a decision to own your life, but what happens next? 

This is quite a common crossroad that many of us encounter, and not just once. What matters is what we choose and what we do with our choices. 


Much of where we end up or what we become depends upon what we choose. A lot of thought goes into making the right choices, but it is also important to not just keep thinking – you’ve got to go up a gear or you will never pick up speed. Quite the analogy, isn’t it? Some choices are difficult to pursue, like home food, while some are tempting – like takeout – and we all know what doctors say. 


We are all too familiar with the saying: ‘Everything happens at the right time’. But when is the right time? In short, it is when we act. The right time to build our lives is now. There could never be a better moment than when you choose to take the first baby step. Give yourselves a pat when you do – this is where most people falter. It might take time for our choices to become habits, but the sooner we act, the better. 

Motivation, perseverance, and desire 

What did you learn from the biopic you last saw? Did you see how the subject became their own motivation? Did you notice their burning desire and how they persevered? Well, if you did, you couldn’t have missed how they are linked to one another. Without one, the others are not possible. 

Goal setting 

Motivation is tied to rewards – emotional rewards. And rewards are when you achieve goals. But don’t start with anything unrealistic. Set goals that you can achieve – no matter how small. What matters more is that you achieve them. 

Support system 

So, you made choices, set goals, took the first step, and are also feeling pretty motivated. But do you think it will be a smooth ride? Not at all. There will be bumps – small and big bumps. But don’t worry. Nobody said you had to venture out alone. In fact, confide in someone you trust. I do, and I can tell you how amazing my support system is – you too will thank yourself that you did.

Abhijit Chakraborty is a senior content editor at upGrad, a digital education organisation in India. He is also a mental health advocate.


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