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TalkLife Responds to 50% Rise in Student Demand for Mental Health

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Popular peer support app TalkLife makes a breakthrough in student mental health and today announces the launch of TalkCampus, a world first network that engages students to seek support for their mental health at any time, day or night.

TalkCampus is a global peer support community for students using state of the art AI Machine Learning built in collaboration with MIT and Harvard, combined with the power of social connection to offer instant, ongoing support and escalation round the clock. No student should ever struggle alone. TalkCampus instantly connects them with the right people any time of day in a safe, effective and encouraging environment.

The Institute of Public Policy Research recently reported that the rise in student demand for mental health services in the UK has increased by 50%. Over the past five years, 94% of universities have experienced a sharp increase in the number of people trying to access support services, with some institutions noticing a threefold increase. Of more than 1,000 student respondents, 75% did not seek help because they didn’t know where to find it, were too embarrassed or thought it was a waste of time. Universities are under pressure and student services are overwhelmed by the demands.

Students are a highly mobile population making it difficult to integrate care between home and university GP’s, and many of the therapies available through university services have historically been brief. Students need responsive support, however existing support services cannot meet the rapid increase in demand, nor can traditional services meet the unique requirements of the growing student population.

Matt, a 20 year old psychology student has found university an isolating place to be. For him having a safe place to reach out any time of day has been a real lifeline and has helped him to manage his mental health.

Matt said: ‘Mental health is hard enough on its own but as a student, it becomes much worse. Some days I can’t engage with lessons or struggle to get out of bed which makes it harder for me to meet assignment deadlines and in turn brings the fear of failure. Having a place to share helps me daily as I get to help people in need which is a therapeutic benefit and it’s also helping me learn the skills I need to progress in my future job perspectives.’

Many students find it hard to start reaching out for help and having a familiar, intuitive network can support them to take these first steps.

‘My uni doesn’t really offer much support. I did try and speak to someone when I started but it never went further and i don’t think they had a counsellor available. I’m not great at talking face to face anyway, it makes my anxiety worse.’

‘I’d been struggling from mental health issues since I was 15. I used to self-harm and feel suicidal. I always felt I had no one I could trust. Having an app where I could speak to other people going through similar things made a big difference to me’.

TalkCampus offers a completely unique offering for students and universities with features including:

  • Instant support, anywhere, anytime, for as long as needed.
  • A global audience connecting students worldwide via the app store.
  • Tailored to each campus with existing student support embedded.
  • Inbuilt crisis support messaging in partnership with the Royal Foundations ‘Shout’.
  • 24/7 professional safeguarding team and moderation system.
  • World class clinical advisory board and research partnerships.

Dr Richard Graham said: ‘At a time when one of our greatest assets, our students, are under unprecedented stress, our services are not adapting quickly enough to support them. This is beyond disappointing. TalkCampus grasps the needs of students today, and connects them to a rich vein of supports, and in the style they are familiar with. This is not just compassion; our future depends upon them.’

TalkCampus is available to universities across the globe. The TalkLife app is free to download on iOS, Android and Web and offers a 24/7 professional safeguarding team and Clinical Advisory Board of world leading experts in suicide and Self Harm Research and Prevention.

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