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The Rise of ‘Self-Care’: New Findings from Clarins Beauty Daily Reveal Biggest TikTok Trends

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Self-care and mindfulness are officially on the rise. New TikTok findings conducted by the Beauty Daily team at Clarins UK have found that self-care content has reached a total 22.3 billion views, with the most popular day for self-care activities being Sunday as the hashtag #selfcaresunday boasts a total of 90.2 million views.

Self-care techniques and how to live more mindfully have become a key part of our lifestyles, and it’s clear that working moments of care into your day can help you feel better mentally equipped to tackle day-to-day responsibilities. According to the findings, morning routines were more popular than night-time routines, with morning routine related hashtags garnering 6.6 billion views, while night-time routine content amounting to a total of 6.2 billion views.

The hashtag #mindfulnesspractice was the second most popular mindfulness hashtag on TikTok, with a total of 19 million views. Within this hashtag, content creators share insight into how to stop overthinking, techniques on getting into a meditative state as well as a mindfulness technique called ‘savouring’ – a practice which helps you slow down and attend to what is pleasant, enjoyable, and satisfying in the present moment.

Out of the most popular self-care techniques and ways to increase mindfulness, affirmations ranked number 1 with a total of 9.2 billion views, as users engage in content that reveals the power of positive affirmations and how they can uplift your mood.

Journaling came in 2nd place, ahead of meditation with a total of 5.4 billion views. #bulletjournaling was the most popular technique within this area, which is a combination of day planning, a diary, and written meditation. Allowing people to plan, reflect, and meditate – this method is known to help aid mindfulness, be productive, and live more meaningfully.

Despite meditation being one of the most popular ways to practise mindfulness and reduce anxiety recommended by professionals, this wasn’t the case on TikTok. Meditation came in 3rd place with a total of 4.3 billion views. However, TikTok users did get creative with their meditation techniques such as: #walkingmeditation generating 1.3 million views, #artmeditation generating 1.1 million views and #crystalmeditation (the process of holding crystals said to have healing properties) generating 892.1K views.

Top TikTok mindfulness techniques

  • Affirmations – 9,233,447,830 (9.2 billion views)
  • Journaling – 5,393,276,419 (5.4 billion views)
  • Meditation – 4,279,616,850 (4.3 billion views)
  • Gratitude – 1,311,304,137 (1.3 billion views)
  • Breath-work/deep breathing – 363,472,595 (363.5 million views)
  • Aromatherapy – 352,432,232 (352.4 million views)
  • Sound healing – 315,198,602 (315.2 million views)

With TikTok now being at the forefront of leading trends, it wasn’t surprising to discover new self-care and mindfulness practices that have emerged from the app and gone viral. A new trend called #ThatGirl, where users show up as the best versions of themselves through a series of wellness activities such as waking up early, meditating and eating healthily – has gained a lot of popularity with a total of 2.9 billion views.

‘Romanticising your life’ is also a popular self-care trend that has emerged from TikTok, where people aim to enjoy every little detail and moment in life. According to the trend, learning to appreciate and revel in the small things helps increase gratitude and improve overall mental wellbeing. The hashtag #Romanticizeyourlife has racked up a total of 967.9k views.

The growing interest in self-care and mindfulness is also influencing our spending habits. Clarins UK have seen their aromatherapy-based products grow in popularity over the last few years. Helena Stromberg, Head of Ecommerce at Clarins UK states: ‘Designed to holistically help both wellness and common beauty needs, our aromatherapy-based products have had a 20% year-on-year increase in sales. This includes the best-selling Eau Dynamisante, a holistic fragrance with uplifting benefits designed to make you smell good and feel mentally invigorated. We’re really looking forward to seeing how interest in self-care and mindfulness continues to grow in 2022 ‘

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