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The Rise of #NoBotox: How Brits Are Opting for Non-Invasive Treatments Instead

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As beauty technology advances, British women are ditching needles and opting for non-invasive treatments that can achieve the same results.

As the TikTok hashtag #NoBotox racks up 187M views, skin tightening and sculpting treatments also dominate at-home beauty Google searches – Beauty Daily by Clarins delved into Google and TikTok data to find the most searched-for skin devices.

With the rising cost of living, 92% of women revealed that they’d try out cheaper beauty alternatives before removing products & treatments from their routines. Therefore, it’s no surprise that NuFACE’s cheaper alternative to their award-winning Trinity is the brand’s most searched-for product. 

This viral microcurrent device is known to tone, lift, and contour facial muscles while also reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The #nuface hashtag on TikTok also has 135.8M views.

In the second place, the TheraFace Pro comes in at 208,920 Google searches. From the brand that designed the award-winning Theragun, TheraFace is an 8-in-1 device with microcurrent technology, LED light therapy, percussive therapy, cleansing, and hot and cold rings. This multi-use device reduces jaw discomfort, firms & tightens the skin, and cleanses and combats irritation. 

Foreo’s cult favourite Luna cleansing devices are the third most searched for at-home beauty devices at 136,560 searches. The Luna 3 leads the way regarding the number of searches with its 2-in-1 feature, which provides cleansing and facial firming. Foreo is also the most viewed beauty device brand on TikTok, with 358.7M views. 

Coming in fourth place, the SolaWave wand has 127,200 searches. This compact 4-in-1 device with red light therapy is designed to smooth fine lines, fade blemishes, increase firmness, decrease puffiness, boost skin’s glow and amplify the benefits of the serum. 

With TikTok known to be at the forefront of consumer beauty trends and spending, Beauty Daily by Clarins also decided to look into TikTok to find out the most viral skin device brands on the app. 

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