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Riminiwellness 2019 Returns: Unique Explosion of Energy, Tailor-made for Personal Experience

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The warm-up’s begun and Riminiwellness is returning. The 14th edition promises to be full of new product and facilities, unique events, trends to test and, at the same time, increasingly international and professional.

The largest international show dedicated to fitness, wellness, business, sport, bodybuilding and healthy nutrition, organised by Italian Exhibition Group, is being held from 30th May to 2nd June at Rimini expo centre and along the entire Romagna Riviera.

Manufacturers of machinery for physical activity, gyms and fitness centres, trainers, schools and professional associations, bodybuilding buffs, spas for relaxation and rehabilitation science, as well as tourism and design. They will all be the key players at this great event, which brings the major companies from the wellness universe together under one huge roof.

An expo that through the years has become the key leading appointment, eagerly awaited as the event hosting the debut and presentation to the market of all the sector’s new products, from the five continents, thanks to a dynamic strategic observatory that constantly monitors trade chain trends.

Thanks to the ongoing growth of the international heart of Riminiwellness, groups of visitors from approximately 80 countries are awaited; in particular, the most representative markets will be those of South-East Europe, South America and the Middle East.

The success with which this global event is met every year is due to the two great cores of Riminiwellness, for the general public and for trade members who, edition after edition, show that they are able to live together harmonically, on one hand boosting opportunities for experiences, which has led to the claim ‘YOUnique experience’ and, on the other, the internationalisation of the huge show, focusing on professional training as an indispensable moment for the sector’s trade professionals.

In fact, in May, ample space will be dedicated to the latter context, in which the event can count on outstanding Italian and international partners, among the sector’s most qualified bodies: Europe Active, CONI, Italian universities, Assosport, ANIF- Eurowellness. With no less than 25 rooms dedicated to conferences and seminars, there will be numerous training events addressing owners and managers, trainers and teaching staff in the fitness world.

Italian Exhibition Group is ready to ensure the wellness world an unforgettable edition under the banner of amusement, offering visitors a vast range of ‘made-to-measure’ courses, among which each person can choose the one that most suits him. In fact, fitness buffs will find an even more personalised range to choose from and brand-new disciplines, the result of crossovers between various activities.

Once again this year, the huge event will be divided into its traditional sections: WPRO, addressing companies and professionals; WFUN, for the public of active buffs; Food Well Expo, the area dedicated to healthy nutrition; Rimini Steel, destined to bodybuilding; and, Riabilitec focussed on technology for functional re-education.

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