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How to Identify the Right Lasik Surgeon

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Lasik eye surgery has been used to repair the vision of many patients. However, we cannot assume that everyone who goes for this surgery comes out cured and satisfied. From the experts, most people who get disappointing results from their Lasik surgery tend to go for operation in the wrong place.

With thousands of Lasik surgeons in the world, it is highly recommended that you conduct an intensive background check up on any that you are interested in working with.

Some of the things that you will want to find out during your research include:

If these LASIK clinics are genuine

This is supposed to be the first thing to look up when you have identified a Lasik surgeon that you are interested in working with. Note that, there are several con artists online, and some of them manage websites that can easily fool you. To escape the bracket of becoming their victims, you will want to check more than their sites.

Social media platforms and various review platforms should be the right place to look. As fake as they may be, it is impossible to fool everyone all the time. Take note of the reviews you find and balance the score to see how many good and bad reviews they have. 

I highly suggest checking out the Google My Business (Google Maps) listing reviews because the listing owners cannot delete the bad reviews. Therefore, if service is bad, you’ll know it’s bad. If this is not enough, then you should go as far as contacting some of the patients who have left their reviews on various platforms concerning the surgeon.

If the laser surgery clinics services are commendable

We exist in a society where good is balanced with bad, and that means that there are both excellent and lousy Lasik eye surgeons. A bad Lasik surgeon is one that is genuine and even approved to practise by the authorities, but most of their patients have complaints. This takes us back to reviews and previous patients.

Don’t forget that Lasik surgery is not reversible because the process involves transforming some cells of the eyes and at some point, killing them. You cannot resurrect a dead cell hence a visit to such a practitioner can mean a permanent doom to your visions. An institution like Hunter Vision Lasik Clinic for example should be able to take care of several Lasik problems thanks to the reputation and experience.

One of the best ways of finding the best Lasik eye surgeons anywhere is by finding someone who has had a successful surgery and gets the facts from them. However, that does not be an assurance that your surgery will be successful because situations are not the same. However, if the surgeon has several success stories with their patients, the chances are that they will do the same for you.

If the refractive surgeon has the right equipment

Lasik surgery is nothing without the right equipment. For a procedure that has been around for more than 20 years, it is only expected that different Lasik machines have been built. That means there are old and new versions of these machines.

To avoid taking chances with your eyesight, you will want to go for a surgeon who has the latest technology in this area. Reports have it that more than 96% successful Lasik eye surgery have been conducted so far and the experts are working to bridge the gap even more. It is also good to know that there are different kinds of Lasik eye surgery. Depending on your condition, your eye doctor should be able to recommend the best one.

If their LASIK charges are fair

There is no standard cost for Lasik surgery, but it is a process that considers many factors. Although it is expected to be averagely lower due to the nature of the operation, your condition will determine how much it costs. If you need to repair astigmatism in your cornea, for example, and it has a high magnitude, you will have to pay more for the service. However, you can always consult the surgeon to find out the cost of your surgery. Alternatively, you can find out from previous clients who had the same issue as you.


It’s pointless to spend money on a surgery that will distort your vision even more. What is worse is having to spend your money on a service that you will never get because you got caught in a scammers net.

Remember that nothing is more important than your health, and if you have to spend money to improve it, the last thing you should do is work with a surgeon who you don’t trust.

Joel Hunter, MD is an ophthalmologist, refractive Surgeon, and the founder of Hunter Vision, a Lasik clinic in Orlando, Florida.

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