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Revolutionary Healthcare Chatbot Reduces Staff Overtime by 18%

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QliqSOFT, a leader in digital patient engagement, announced today that its Quincy chatbot technology has produced transformational results for the largest neurology group in the US.

The neurology group, First Choice Neurology, has recently shifted from a manual to a digital engagement solution and improved efficiency and streamlined operations almost immediately after Quincy’s implementation.

With the digital patient engagement solution, about 90% of their patients have opted-in for the digital approach, which allows patients to securely and quickly pre-populate forms before their visit or during appointment intake.

First Choice Neurology was able to reduce each patient visit by 19 minutes on average, which has, in turn, drastically reduced staff overtime from managing clipboards and other administrative tasks and allowed them to see more patients with no more staff effort. The improvement in patient intake efficiency resulted in a reduction in staff overtime by 18%.

“Patients often arrive at a practice site anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes late,” said Jose Rocha, director of the corporate business office from First Choice Neurology.

“Filling out forms requires another 15 minutes, leading to overflowing waiting rooms and delayed patient appointments by half an hour or more. The consequences of an extended in-take process can be severe. Front-desk bottlenecks, frustrated patients, long wait times, and care team stress can affect everyone involved. It can negatively impact the number of patients the physician sees that day.”

Quincy’s patient-centric features and benefits include the ability to:

  • Use chatbots for digital forms
  • Upload insurance cards and driver’s licenses
  • Capture consent with e-signatures
  • Update the electronic medical record (EMR)

“QliqSOFT is fortunate to have partners like First Choice Neurology who push the boundaries of using digital patient engagement to vastly improve business operations and patient and staff satisfaction. Our Quincy chatbots have improved productivity for health systems by automating patient scheduling and intake using digital forms and secure texting reminders.

“In addition, expanding virtual healthcare systems can improve patient satisfaction. It’s the 80–20 rule80% of patients prefer digital engagement with chatbots.” Krishna Kurapati, founder and CEO of QliqSOFT.

QliqSOFT is a secure digital communication platform that boasts digital tools for every communication challenge that healthcare organisations may face: Reducing staff burnout, staff costs and keeping their patients engaged.

They’ve worked with over 1,000+ healthcare organisations in the US, engaging patients and connecting care teams through interactive digital conversations. Regardless of where you fit in with healthcare, Quincy provides a convenient, personalised digital experience for you and your staff.

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