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Review My Experience on PMP Certification Exam

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Second, many enterprises require their employees to obtain the certificate since the certificate-holders are more trustworthy than those who do not.

Third, the certificate can help you better find a job. It can prove that your abilities are reliable.

How to prepare for the PMI PMP exam?

My exam result is 5A. I hope my sharing can be helpful to you.

I have tried my best to prepare for the exam. In the final stage of preparation, I followed the learning schedule, listening to the courses carefully and doing the PMP exam sample questions. You do not need to feel much pressure to pursue the 5A result. Passing the exam can prove your efforts.

The report card is shown by A, T, B, and N. PMP exam is divided into five process groups. Each letter presents the result of each process group, like 4A1T.

The meaning of A, T, B, N:

A: Above Target T: Target B: Below Target N: Needs Improvement

The certificates look all the same. You can check the detailed result on the report analysis of the official website.

Because the exam does not have question dumps, it is useless to recite questions. Besides, all the questions are single-choice questions. I divided my preparation into three parts. To save time, I registered for the training institutions, but I believe my plan can also be useful for students who want to take self-study.

The early stage of preparation: Compared to other students, I found it hard to listen to the classes. Though I could understand what the teachers were saying, I always did the questions wrong, so I felt quite anxious at the beginning. At this stage, our teacher required us to read PMBOK at least once, three times better. Read the learning materials and do the corresponding chapter questions. In fact, I did not finish the target because finishing the questions was already hard and I did not build up confidence.

The later stage of preparation: In this stage, I roughly built up the structure of the course content. We took a general review of what we have learnt and keep learning the key knowledge. The preparation in the stage was more specific.

The final stage of preparation: This was a key period for preparation. We put the focus on doing questions and listening to the explanation from teachers. My results for three PMP sample tests were 120, 140, and 148 respectively. I gradually built up my confidence. I have taken down notes in three notebooks.

During the process of review, I would reflect on myself regularly to check where I could make further improvements. But I did not finish some of the requirements raised by our teacher, I felt nervous before the exam date. 

Overall, the exam was not as difficult as I expected. I have paid effort and got the result I want. You can get more question here.

Zuella Montemayor did her degree in psychology at the University of Toronto. She is interested in mental health, wellness, and lifestyle.

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